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2017-2018 Fellows

Daisy Grueso, DO
NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County
Email: Daisy.Grueso@nychhc.org

Marlene Lofters-Dinham, MSN, BSN RN-BC
Nursing Administration
NYC Health + Hospitals/Renaissance
Email: Marlene.LoftersDinham@nychhc.org

Tania Lopez, MD
NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst
Email: LopezTan@nychhc.org

William McElwaine, MBA
NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem
Email: William.McElwaine@nychhc.org

Ricardo Perez, RN/BSN
Behavioral Health
NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln
Email: Ricardo.Perez@nychhc.org

Rohan Reid, RN/BSN
Behavioral Health
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
Email: ReidRoh@nychhc.org

Melanie Roshto, MSPAS PA-C
NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi
Email: Melanie.Roshto@nychhc.org

Nehad Shabarek, MD
NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln
Email: Nehad.Shabarek@nychhc.org

Sneha Topgi, MD, MS
Emergency Medicine
NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County
Email: TopgiS@nychhc.org

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