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Charles Alston, Man Emerging, 1969

Arts in Medicine

The Arts in Medicine department at NYC Health + Hospitals seeks to foster the emotional well-being and promote healing and wellness for patients, families, and caregivers. This is accomplished through activities and programs that utilize the visual, literary and performing arts throughout the Health + Hospitals system.

In addition to stewarding, curating, exhibiting and creating greater access for the health system’s significant visual art collection, the Arts in Medicine department encourages evidenced based programs and provides technical assistance to all of our health care facilities and clinics. This is achieved by combining artistic innovation and education into high-quality health care that supports the healing benefits of the arts.

We believe that the arts and art programming are an essential component of the continuum of care to support healthy, vibrant communities.

Our Mission:

To encourage patients, families, employees, and our greater community to live their healthiest lives by promoting healing, wellness, and engagement through the arts and humanities.

Our Goal:

To enhance patient and family experience, employee engagement and retention and community wellness by combining artistic innovation, evidence-based programming and education into high–quality healthcare that is focused on the known benefits of the arts.

Support for Arts in Medicine

Philanthropy plays an essential role in helping to support ongoing efforts to care and create greater access for the collection and to continue the delivery of evidenced based programs to our patients and staff. If you are interested in supporting Arts in Medicine please reach out to Larissa Trinder at: trinderl@nychhc.org

NYC Health + Hospitals is a 501(c)(3) entity with a federal tax identification number of 13-2655001. A contribution will not affect any business dealings with the City or provide special access to City officials