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Call for an appointment 1-844-NYC-4NYC

COVID-19 Services

NYC Health + Hospitals will continue to be a gateway for New Yorkers seeking COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccination, regardless of their insurance or immigration status.


Vaccine Main Page: Learn about the vaccine’s benefits and schedule an appointment.


COVID-19 testing is available by appointment at our 11 hospitals and Gotham Health Centers in every borough.  

  • Existing patients can schedule an appointment for testing by calling 1-844-NYC-4NYC.
  • To learn more about how you can become a patient with NYC Health + Hospitals, please call 1-844-NYC-4NYC.

New Yorkers who test positive for COVID-19 can access Paxlovid prescriptions and home delivery at no cost through Virtual ExpressCare by calling 212-COVID-19 (212-268-4319).

At-Home COVID-19 Tests

You can pick up free at-home rapid antigen tests at NYC museums, zoos, libraries and other locations throughout the city.

To find a location near you, visit NYC At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit Pickup.

COVID Centers of Excellence

NYC Health + Hospitals has three COVID-19 Centers of Excellence that offer short and long-term follow-up care for Long COVID patients. The centers support New Yorkers recovering from Long COVID through a range of specialty care, including pulmonary care and supplemental oxygen, cardiological care, diagnostic radiology services, comprehensive mental health services, and examination rooms with negative pressure systems to safely see patients who may have COVID-19.

Learn about COVID Centers of Excellence


New Yorkers recovering from COVID-19 or Long COVID can continue to be connected to care by calling 212-COVID19 to reach NYC Health + Hospitals AfterCare program and be connected to its COVID-19 Centers of Excellence.

Learn more about Long COVID

Learn more about AfterCare

NYC Test & Trace Corps

Learn the historic work of the NYC Test & Trace Corps