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Ask Our Expert: 5 Simple Tips to Help Manage Your Diabetes

See how making small changes to your daily routine can help you control your blood sugar levels.

3 Delicious Recipes for Managing Diabetes

Whether you have diabetes or just looking for a nutritious meal, here are 3 recipes for building a healthier plate: Grilled Salmon; Roasted Red Potatoes; and Sauteed Mixed Veggies.

Fight the Flu!

Like an evil villain, the flu can make even the healthiest New Yorkers seriously ill. So, make plans to get yourself and family vaccinated early, before flu season begins.

Ask Our Expert: Five Facts on Mammograms and Breast Health

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our Chief Population Health Officer offers 5 facts on breast cancer and reducing your risk.

Back-to-School Health Advice

NYC Health + Hospitals pediatricians offer these tips to get kids ready for a healthy year.

3 Summer Recipes Packed with Protein

Cool off while keeping fit with these simple nutritious dishes: Overnight Oats; Quinoa and Kale Salad; and Tasty Lentil Mushroom Tacos.

Ask Our Expert: Preventing and Handling Tick Bites

Tick-related diseases are on the rise in New York City. As the summer season rolls on, learn how best to protect yourself and your family from tick bites.

Ask Our Experts: Helpful Tips to Quit Smoking

Men are more likely than women to be smokers, putting them at a higher risk of heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Our smoking cessation experts offer advice on how to quit for good.

5 Sun Safety Tips to Protect Your Skin

Enjoy being physically active outdoors, but be sure to protect your skin from harmful sun damage.

Beat Heat-Related Illness

You're probably all ready for hot fun in the summertime, but don't let the high temperatures lay you low! Here are a few guidelines for staying healthy in the heat.