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Ask Our Expert: Preventing and Handling Tick Bites

Tick-related diseases are on the rise in New York City. As the summer season rolls on, learn how best to protect yourself and your family from tick bites.

Beat Heat-Related Illness

You're probably all ready for hot fun in the summertime, but don't let the high temperatures lay you low! Here are a few guidelines for staying healthy in the heat.

Ask Our Expert: 5 Healthy Tips for Teenage Girls

Body changes mean getting more involved in your health and one-on-one time with your doctor.

Ask Our Expert: How to Choose Your Health Care Proxy

How to choose a representative to make important medical decisions for you, in the event you can't.

Here’s Why Women Choose to Have Their Baby at NYC Health + Hospitals

Expert care, top notch support for moms and babies, and so much more.

Ask Our Expert: 5 Things Women Should Do for Their Health

Learn how you can get ahead of serious health issues affecting women today.

3 Low-fat Recipes, Loaded with Flavor

Chef James Briscione puts a healthy twist on 3 favorites: Black Bean & Quinoa Falafel; Chicken Meatballs with Marinara; and Cheesecake Parfait.

Ask Our Expert: Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk

Colon cancer kills approximately 1,400 New Yorkers every year. Learn how to reduce your risk.

Building Your Best Plate

Use this simple method to put together a healthy plate at mealtime. Plus, get some inspiration for your next meal from our six examples of delicious, healthy plates.

Ask Our Expert: Controlling “The Silent Killer” — High Blood Pressure

1 in 4 New Yorkers suffers from high blood pressure. Follow these tips to reduce your risk and live a heart healthy life.