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Mental Health Services

You can confidently turn to us for confidential treatment and counseling services. Our Mental Health Services are designed to provide you and your family with the therapy and tools you need to face the challenges of everyday life.

The Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) is fully equipped to treat patients in mental and emotional crisis situations. If you or your family have a psychiatric emergency, call 911 and ask to be taken to NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem. Please call 212-939-3343 for more information.

The Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic KP 5 212-939-3370
Family and Youth Intervention Program KP 5 212-939-3368/3370


The Adult Outpatient Clinic RHB 4
WP 7
The Chemical Dependency Outpatient Treatment Program (CDP) WP 4 212-939-3030
The CSS Harlem Rehabilitation Program WP 3 212-939-4100
Harlem House Clubhouse KP 9 212-939-2000
The Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program MLK 1 212-939-3325/3326
The Inpatient Psychiatric Unit MLK 10 212-939-3282
The Medically Managed Detoxification Unit MLK 9 212-939-3150
Psychological Services RHB 212-939-3209
Social Work RHB 4 212 939-8495


The Inpatient Psychiatric Unit provides comprehensive mental health and chemical dependency services which are accessible, timely, and of the highest professional quality for patients with acute psychiatric needs. We help patients return to the highest level of functioning and re-entry into the community.

The Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program evaluates and determines a patient’s psychiatric status, as well immediately instituting appropriate interventions as required. There are four components: (1) An emergency service for rapid evaluation, stabilization and disposition; (2) Six emergency observation beds for a prolonged assessment period (for up to 72 hours of admission to the Inpatient unit; (3) A Crisis Residence with six beds located at the site of the Manhattan State Psychiatric Center for emergency respite and bridging environment for patients discharged from an acute service; (4) A Mobile Crisis Outreach Unit, which visits patients in the field to support patient linkage to ambulatory care services.


The Adult OPD Clinic is an outpatient psychiatric treatment providing services to patients 18 years or older with chronic mental illness, non-compliance with outpatient mental health treatment, substance abuse and dependence, homelessness, sexual and physical abuse, child abuse, and a history of imprisonment. The clinic has co-occurring and young adult tracks

The CSS Harlem Rehabilitation Program is a Continuing Day Treatment Program providing comprehensive psychiatric services to the severely and persistently mentally ill. Its goals are to restore, develop, and maintain the skills necessary to allow CSS clients (i.e., SPMI) to live, learn, and, where possible, work in the community. Another goal of the program is to reduce the frequency and duration of readmissions to psychiatric hospitals.

Harlem House Clubhouse is a clubhouse program: an outpatient, psychiatric rehabilitation program based on the Fountain House model. The program’s goal is restore, develop, and maintain the necessary skills to individuals living with serious mental illness to promote their recovery from mental illness and their integration into a meaningful in community life. Our goal is to also increase member recovery and wellness through empowerment and psychosocial rehabilitation.


The Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic provides services to address the mental health needs of children from birth through 17.9 years of age. Mental health assessment/treatment, comprehensive psychosocial assessment, crisis psychological testing, education, medication administration and prescription, and behavior therapy is provided.

The Family and Youth Intervention Program (FYI) provides services for children and youth ages 6 to 18 years and their family members who have suffered dysfunction as the result of a family member’s alcoholism/substance abuse. We provide Psychosocial Evaluation, Psychiatric Assessment, Psych-social Screening, Psycho-educational Multi-family Group, Parents Group, Children’s Group, Family Therapy, Individual Treatment/Referrals, Case Management, and school visits/consultations.


The Medically Managed Detoxification Unit is a 14 bed, state-of-the-art inpatient detoxification operating 24 hours per day. Patients are treated for detoxification from chemicals that include alcohol and opiates, coupled with cocaine.

The Chemical Dependency Outpatient Treatment Program (CDP) provides a full range of services based on the consumer’s need and readiness to address opiate dependence (heroin), alcohol dependence, crack cocaine or powered cocaine when coupled with either opiates or alcohol.


The Psychology Department of NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem provides psychological assessment and treatment to individuals, groups, families, and couples. Psychological Services provides psychological evaluation, testing, and treatment to individuals, groups, families, and couples. We utilize an array of treatment interventions that are considered best practice and evidence based.