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Harlem PrEP Program

Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP is a safe and effective daily pill that can greatly reduce your risk of HIV infection. Men or Women can take PrEP to prevent HIV and stay healthy. PrEP is much more effective at stopping HIV if you take it every day.

To get started on PrEP, talk to your regular doctor or nurse or come to the NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem PrEP Clinic.

To reach the Harlem HIV/PrEPclinic,
Call: 212-939-3715 or 212-939-3701.

You should consider taking PrEP if you:

  • Do not always use condoms during sex
  • Recently had a sexually transmitted infection (STI)
  • Have more than one sexual partner
  • Have a partner who has sex with other partners
  • Have a partner who has HIV and a detectable or unknown viral load
  • Are trying to conceive with a partner who has HIV
  • Have a partner who refuses to get an HIV test
  • Inject drugs or have a partner who injects drugs

PrEP for Women

PrEP is an effective HIV prevention option for women when taken daily.

  • PrEP can protect women who are trying to conceive a child with an HIV-positive partner.
  • PrEP is safe for the mother and child both during and after pregnancy, and has not been shown to affect fertility.

PrEP is covered by Medicaid and most health insurance plans

  • If you do not have insurance or have a high co-pay, you may be eligible for a patient assistance program that helps pay for PrEP.
  • Immigration status does not affect your ability to get PrEP and get other HIV prevention and HIV care.
  • Any other questions, our Harlem healthcare staff is here to help!

Come to the Harlem PrEP clinic

NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem Prep Program
15 West 136 Street
Kounts Pavilion, 2nd floor
NY, NY 10037
Mon. to Fri., 9 am to 5 pm

Send an Email to our Peer Counselors with questions:

Cairo Romaguera

Jessica Rivera