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We Are A Baby-Friendly Designated Hospital

What does that mean for you?

NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln is a Baby-Friendly Designated Hospital. It means we work together to help you breastfeed successfully. At a Baby-Friendly Hospital every staff member will support you and help you breastfeed your baby. After you give birth you and your baby stay together in your room. This helps both of you learn about each other. It also helps us to see how your baby feeds and we assist you with breastfeeding when needed. Our goal is to make sure breastfeeding is easy for you when you are home.

Breastfeeding is important for you and your baby’s health. Our team is here to help both of you to get off to the best start.

Our staff can:

  • Tell you what to expect from your new baby
  • Help you with different breastfeeding positions
  • Show you how to keep making milk even if you are separated from your baby
  • Describe how to continue breastfeeding if you go to back to work or school
  • Explain how to get help with breastfeeding when you take your baby home
  • Provide you with a prescription for a personal use electric breast pump that is covered by your Medicaid plan

If your baby needs to be watched closely by a doctor and nurse, the baby will stay in the nursery. You can be with your baby at any time.

Let your family and friends know that our visiting hours allows them to conveniently visit your new baby.

We are here to answer your questions. Feel free to ask the staff for help.