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Support Queens


For more than a year, our hospital employees have served on the frontlines of the battle to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our fearless doctors, nurses, technicians, transporters, clerical staff, social workers and everyone who supports patient care, are rising to the occasion and caring for our most vulnerable populations.

We are collecting messages of support for our providers and staff. To share your words of thanks, please fill out and submit your message below. It you would like to send us a picture or video, please send it to queenshosptital@nychhc.org.

To learn more about our hospital visit www.nychealthandhospitals.org/queens/

Thank You Messages:

Thank you to all the brave nurses, doctors and hospital staff for your dedication in helping people during this difficult time. Good bless you all.

Isela Vega

Congratulations Dr. Moshirpur.

Ray Gibson

Congratulations Dr. Moshirpur. You make a difference for the Queens Public Hospitals and the County of Queens by your fearless leadership.

Dr. Jean-Bernard Poulard

Thank you for doing all that you did to save people and help during this pandemic.

Lisa Greco

Dr. Moshirpur, Thank you for your leadership and dedication to the quality of healthcare in the Borough of Queens.

Bernard Shakter, MD

Congratulations to Dr. Moshirpur for being recognized by Queensborough Community College. You thoroughly deserve the honor. We cherish your leadership and guidance.

Daniel Contractor, MD

Hello, nurses and health care workers

My name is Keyshawn Chambers I’m attending the H Frank Carey high school located in Franklin square. I am 18 yrs old I’m a child of God and I just wanna say I’m writing this letter to just thank you for your time helping those patients who have this illness COVID-19 CORONA VIRUS outbreak. I look at the work you guys do and for me as a 18 yr old it’s just a blessing to witness that you all are so amazing I see the smiles you guys have when working together as a unit United we stand divided we fall. My Mother is 35 on dialysis and she’s scared of it but thank God she’s doing well every day.

I just wanna say continue to stand together as one I see each one of you have your own separate families to see you work every day shows me that you all are dedicated to the work. And don’t let nothing change you all inspire me to stay strong, positive, healthy without you and the hard work healing people this world would be in a worst condition. I just wanna say thank God for you guys saving lives. I done been through too many obstacles in my life and I just thank God for life every day. So thank you for being the Great nurses that you guys are and continue to stay strong help one another, love one another and just know This too shall pass and also any other jobs out there thank you for the great work that your doing saving lives.

I love everybody. So stay safe and be blessed.

Keyshawn Chambers

Sri Chinmoy

Dear Medical Hero, I wrote a card for you.​​ As attachment ?



I’m a junior at Turpin High School in Cincinnati, OH and also an officer of our school’s Key Club. We are looking for ways to continue helping the community despite everything going on.

Recently, we have decided to compile together a video thanking medical staff and hospital employees for their hard work and dedication during this unprecedented scenario. I wanted to know if you all would be willing to receive the video and distribute it among staff at the Queens Hospital to let them know how much they are all appreciated.

Here is the link to the video: https://vimeo.com/409286277

We really want to communicate our utmost thanks to the doctors, nurses, etc., and hope you all can help us do that! Thank you so much,


Hello! Attached is an original piece I’ve written in support and celebration of the heroic job medical personnel at your and other hospitals are doing during the pandemic. It’s my tiny contribution to the incredible efforts doctors and nurses and support staff are making during this frightening ordeal. My wife and I have watched in wonder and empathy at the challenges they face and the dedication they exhibit night and day.

If you find this helpful, please feel free to distribute this as widely as you choose. It is not copyrighted, and there is no charge for reprinting and distributing it.

I am a writer and retired pastor/hospice chaplain living in Roanoke, VA. You are welcome to contact me if you have questions.


To the Coronavirus Warriors:

You heal.
It’s what you do.
Every day
You trade brokenness for wholeness,
Death for life,
One stitch, one pill, one blood test, one bedpan,
one IV, one MRI at a time.
You heal by skill and will and wit,
Through calming words and
Sun-peeking-through-clouds smiles,
With humor and humanity,
Leaving us a little less feverish and frightened,
A little more hopeful,
And a little less alone
Each time you enter our sickrooms.
You do this when you feel cheerful
And when you don’t.
Even when your personal world is in chaos,
You still give us your best shot
Figuratively and sometimes—ouch—literally.
You do these things because it’s your vocation,
But also because of the passion
And compassion that burn within you
Day after day after day,
In ordinary times.
These are far from ordinary times, though.
The whole world has grown
Dismal and diseased and deadly.
The rest of us huddle behind our fortresses
Of sanitizers and social distancing,
Obsessing on statistics and sound bites,
Facts and rumors,
Inventorying our cans of tuna and rolls of
Thinking ourselves brave for risking a trip
To the grocery store or the gas pump,
While we send you, the medical Marines,
To the fierce and frenzied front lines
With inadequate weapons and armor,
Dwindling stocks of masks, gowns, and gloves,
And sometimes only bandanas
And garbage bags.
We plead, even demand
That you keep the lethal microbes at bay
And the world from coming unglued,
While we criticize and politicize and trivialize
Your risks and your fears.
Yet, bone tired and battle weary,
You keep attacking the viral beachheads
With passion and compassion and courage,
Fighting for your patients’ lives,
Not to mention your own.
When the term Covid-19 has become
As familiar as Heinz 57,
And patients and populace alike
Can breathe freely again,
Some will forget,
If we ever noticed in the first place,
Your sacrifices and suffering.
You will not receive shiny medals
Or parades
Or accolades anywhere near adequate
For the burdens you have borne
And the perils you have braved.
You will resume doing every day
What you did before,
Healing and helping and giving hope,
Except for those who tragically
Will have made the supreme sacrifice,
Casualties of the coronavirus war
And governmental ineptitude.
However, others will remember
And celebrate you for the heroes you are
In extraordinary times like these
And on all those other days as well,
And the gratitude of earth
And the applause of heaven
Will be your coronae,
Gleaming crowns of honor upon your heads.

Hi Andrea,

Please share these pictures and paintings with your staff, and let them know that we’re all thinking about them every day, and praying for their safety as they continue to fight this terrible disease. We hope this art helps provide some moments of brightness and encouragement to everyone at the hospital.

Girl Scout Troop 4453 of Rego Park
Cubscout Pack 235 of Whitestone
and our friends

Dear friends at NYC Health and Hospitals,

I am a teacher in Taiwan from Boston. My students and I are writing to hospitals all around the world and wanted you to know that we are thinking of you during this challenging time! My student Isabel had this message she wanted you to have! Take good care and thank you for your hard work! My sister is in NYC so your work is very dear to my heart!

Best Regards,


My name is Isabel. I am a student from Kang Chiao International School in Taiwan. COVID-19 is a serious issue all over the world. The whole world is fighting it. So, I am sending this message to tell all of you about to stay strong during this difficult time. We need all you doctors and nurses and all the people that work in hospitals to protect the world. People in Taiwan are all cheering for you and standing by your side! Don’t think that you must respond to this message, because you are all busy fighting COVID-19. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


I am a teacher in Alabama doing distant learning. Sometimes the lessons in character development are far more important than the academics. I am sending you what my class made for the NYC heroes-the health care workers. We have been working on it for several weeks. Please send my students’ video to every NYC Health Care Worker that you know. My students made the video for NYC. I love New York, so they love New York; even though we are from Alabama. I have run the NYC Marathon many times. My family feels a true connection to your city.

The students are also doing jobs around the house to raise money to help.

Please thank your staff for everything that they are doing!


Good Afternoon,

Thank you for all you and Mr. Rocha are doing to keep the facility in high spirits. My church created this tribute and I thought you might want to see it. I think it’s a beautiful tribute to the work that is being done here. It brought tears to my eyes. As you know the church is based in Elmhurst, Queens, so it is especially meaningful to our community. I hope you enjoy it!