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Healthy Living Tips


Diet, Food & Fitness
10 Tips for Better Nutrition

There is so much information out there about nutrition and…

Tips for Preventing Back Injuries

It’s important to listen to your body and know its…

Diet, Food & Fitness Weight Loss & Obesity
#1 Way to Fight Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the most urgent health issues…

Mental Health Teen Health
Signs of Post-Traumatic Stress in Teens

Exposure to traumatizing events is surprisingly common in young people.…

Eating Well Reduce Calories
Eating Well with Diabetes

Eating right and maintaining a healthy weight are key to…

Diet, Food & Fitness
Asthma: What you need to know

What is asthma? Asthma is a disease that causes the…

Diet, Food & Fitness
Managing Allergies in Children

An unusually cold and long winter can cause a delay…

Diet, Food & Fitness
Expert Sleep Advice

Having trouble sleeping? Improve your quality of life with these…

Diet, Food & Fitness Weight Loss & Obesity
Helpful Tips to Eat Smart

Holiday celebrations make it difficult to stick to a healthy…

Diet, Food & Fitness
Storing Your Child’s Medicine

Inappropriately storing your child’s medicine or missing an expiration date…

Measles Vaccinations
What You Should Know About Measles

Measles (also known as Rubeola) kills over 100,000 people annually…

Diet, Food & Fitness Exercise Heart Health
5 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the number one…

Flu Measles Vaccinations
Vaccines: What You Should Know

Vaccines are a safe and highly effective way to avoid…

Diet, Food & Fitness Weight Loss & Obesity
10 Tips for Healthy Holidays

Love the holiday food but want to avoid packing on…