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The Exposure Guidance Tool: A New Online Resource for New Yorkers Exposed to COVID-19

February 4, 2022

On February 2, 2022, NYC Test & Trace Corps announced the launch of an online tool to provide a new way for New Yorkers who have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 to navigate the complex world of quarantine guidance. The Exposure Guidance Tool, which can be accessed via the NYC Test & Trace Corps COVID-19 Resources webpage, is designed to help New Yorkers know whether they need to quarantine and to connect them with the resources they may need to do so.

By answering three to four questions — including date of exposure, potential symptoms, and vaccination status — the Exposure Guidance Tool is able to provide guidance that is personalized for the individual user personalized guidance specific to the person who uses it. Quarantine guidance is based on one’s vaccination and past infection status and whether they have symptoms.

By utilizing the tool, New Yorkers will receive guidance details — including whether they should quarantine and for how long, when to test and what to do if they develop symptoms — appropriate to their individual circumstances.

However, supporting the needs of those exposed to COVID goes beyond providing the correct guidance. That is why new tool also lets users know what resources are available to them to help them separate safely, find a health care provider and more, by connecting them with NYC Test & Trace Corps COVID-19 Resources page. There they will find information on testing, free hotel rooms at Test & Trace’s Take Care hotels, meal delivery, paid leave, quarantine letters for employers, mental health support and more.

If you receive a text from the NYC Test & Trace Corps notifying you that you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, you will be directed to the COVID-19 Resources webpage, where you will be able to choose how you would like to find the quarantine guidance that fits your individual situation — by selecting the scenario that applies to you or by using the Exposure Guidance Tool.

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, just go to bit.ly/NYCTraceInfo to find out if your interaction with someone with COVID qualifies as an exposure and, if so, what quarantine guidance you should follow. Just click on “What to do if you’re exposed to COVID-19” and Test & Trace will guide you smoothly through the guidance process!

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