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Psychology Internship Program – Faculty


Kalsang Tshering, Psy.D., Director of Psychology and Clinical Training

Ilana Breslau, Ph.D., Outpatient Mental Health Service, Outpatient Psychology Supervisor

Eleonora Cavalca, Ph.D., Psychiatric Emergency/Consultation-Liaison Service

Barrie Froehlich, Psy.D., Inpatient Psychiatry Service

Alexander Gordon, Ph.D., Outpatient Mental Health Service

Lucy March, Ph.D., Inpatient Psychiatry Service

Sunita Mohabir, Ph.D., Geriatric Inpatient Psychiatry Service, Co-Director of Psychology Externship Training, Inpatient Psychology Supervisor

Chandrama Mukherjee, Ph.D., Consultation-Liaison/Psychiatric Emergency Service

Marissa Neto, Psy.D., Outpatient Mental Health Service, Co-Director of Psychology Externship Training, Outpatient Internship Training Coordinator

Hana Paisner, Psy.D., Partial Hospitalization Program, PHP Clinical Supervisor

Willann Stone, Ph.D., Rehabilitation Medicine Service


Jantra Coll, Psy.D., Network Director of Internship Training, Director of Psychology, Clinical Director of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center

Frances Alcantara, Ph.D., Co-Director of Externship Training, Bariatric Surgery Program

Aasha Foster, Ph.D., Women’s Health

Tiffany Rodriguez, Psy.D., Inpatient Psychiatry

Steven Goldfinger, Psy.D., Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center, Psycho-Oncology

Adam Rossi, Ph.D., Adult Comprehensive Services

Whitney Maynor, Ph.D., Family Advocacy Program

Mariela Reyes, Ph.D., Consultation Liaison Service

Molly Nozyce, Ph.D., Director, Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Services

Willann Stone, Ph.D., Rehabilitation Medicine

Jacks Cheng, Ph.D., Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

George Lederer, Psy.D., Inpatient Psychiatry

Ellen Park, Psy.D., Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Program

Anjali Thomas, Psy.D., Inpatient Psychiatry

Stephanie Toro-Garcia, Psy.D., Inpatient Psychiatry

Sam Marcus, Ph.D., Consultation Liaison Service

Ramiz Rafailov, Ph.D., Consultation Liaison Service

Kalya Castillo, Ph.D., ED Leads/CATCH team