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Flu Vaccination

The Flu Vaccine Is as Important as Ever! The COVID-19 pandemic and flu season occurring together can make these coming months more challenging than ever. Get your flu vaccine early,...

Child Health & Pediatric Services

...system from treating illness to promoting health. Our pediatric services include: Immunizations and annual flu shots Well-child physicals Asthma and diabetes screenings Obesity prevention Nutrition counseling Dental services Mental health screenings and counseling...

YouthHealth Services

...chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV and other diseases Birth control, including the pill, the patch, the ring, Depo-Provera (“the shot”) and condoms. We also offer or refer for other forms of birth...


...x-rays Medicine sent to pharmacy of your choice Help with follow-up care Immediate transfer to the ER if necessary Common Injuries and Illnesses Treated Cold and flu symptoms Chest and...

Trauma Centers

...Traumatic injuries may be caused by: Motor vehicle crashes Sports accidents Falls Assaults Gun shots Stab wounds Accidents How We Care for You NYC Health + Hospitals has six trauma...

School-Based Health Centers

...it’s difficult for parents to take time off of work to bring children in for check-ups or shots or because there are no local pediatricians available. NYC Health + Hospitals...