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For Your Next Appointment – WTC Environmental Health Center

For Your Next Appointment

If your appointment is in-person, please bring the following items with you. You will be asked to sign the consent forms at registration.

  1. Picture ID with Date of Birth
  2. Proof of Address (utility bill, credit card bill, or other mail with your name and address)
  3. A list (or a picture) of all medications that you are currently taking
  4. Health insurance card (if you have insurance)
  5. Completed forms that you received from us via mail or that you downloaded from the website.
  6. Pathology reports, if applicable. Please note that failure to bring in pathology reports may delay the certification process. This is especially important for cancer and sarcoidosis certification. For further information on how to obtain pathology reports, please click here.
  7. Name, phone number and address of your current pharmacy
  8. Any medical records that you may have