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Mental Health Care

As part of the largest municipal health care system in the world, NYC Health + Hospitals’ public hospitals and neighborhood health centers offer a wide variety of excellent mental health services to foster recovery from mental illness of all kinds. We help patients rediscover their strengths and abilities, as well as overcoming the stigma of mental illness.

How We Care For You

NYC Health + Hospitals focuses on integrating mental and physical health to improve overall psychological health.

Our approach to mental health care combines the latest research with active patient and family participation. Treatment is sensitive to people of all backgrounds, cultures, and religions. In addition, we also offer the Children’s Partial Hospitalization Program at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue.

We offer the following affordable and compassionate mental health services and programs:

  • Mental Health Care for Children, Adolescents, Adults,  and Seniors—Our comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs are offered in an environment of respect, using proven methods. Patients and their families are actively engaged in treatment planning, rehabilitation, and recovery.
  • Emergency Psychiatric Services—Emergency teams offer specialized care for the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric crises, including suicidal or aggressive behavior in children and adults.
  • WTC Environmental Health Center (WTC)—NYC Health + Hospitals’ Center of Excellence is dedicated to the assessment and treatment of WTC-related conditions. The center provides medical and mental health care at no cost to residents, students, workers, or passersby who were present during and after the destruction of the World Trade Center and may still be suffering from illnesses following the 9/11 disaster.
  • Substance Abuse and Dependence—NYC Health + Hospitals’ staff is equipped to recognize and treat these disorders separately or when they co-exist with other psychiatric or medical illnesses.

NYC Health + Hospitals provides high quality health care to all New Yorkers, regardless of their ability to pay. But we’ll also help you find health insurance if you need it. Click here to learn more about MetroPlus, our affordable and comprehensive health insurance plan.

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NYC Health + Hospitals provides quality, compassionate mental health treatment at many of our hospitals and neighborhood health centers. We have full wellness teams and mental health counselors in every borough with extended hours that fit your busy schedule, dedicated to serving you and your family from the very first visit. Learn more about our extended hours.

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