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Insurance Search

Welcome to NYC Health + Hospitals insurance search.

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Hamaspik Medicare Choice;
Hamaspik Medicare Select;


Medicaid Managed Care;
Child Health Plus;
Essential Plan 3;
Essential Plan 4;
Personal Wellness Plan (HARP)
Life Improvement Plan (HMO SNP);
CompleteCare (HMO SNP);
Increased Benefits Plan (HMO);
65 Plus Plan (HMO);
Coordinated Benefits Plan (HMO);
DentaQuest (For Dental Services)

Healthfirst Commercial

Healthfirst Pro EPO;
Healthfirst Pro Plus EPO;
Essential Plan 1;
Essential Plan 2;
Platinum Leaf Premier;
Gold Leaf Premier;
Silver Leaf Premier;
Bronze Leaf Premier;
Platinum Leaf;
Gold Leaf;
Silver Leaf;
Bronze Leaf;
DentaQuest (For Dental Services)

HealthPlex (Dental Services)

Aetna BetterHealth (MLTC);
Centerlight (Pace);
Centers Plan for Healthy Living;


Direct Plus;
Commercial PPO

Medicaid of New York

(Fee For Service)


(Fee For Service)


MetroPlus Medicaid;
MetroPlus Child Health Plus;
MetroPlus Enhanced (HARP);
MetroPlus Partnership in Care;
MetroPlus Essential Plan 1;
MetroPlus Essential Plan 2;
MetroPlus Essential Plan 3;
MetroPlus Essential Plan 4;
MedPlus, BronzePlus, SilverPlus, GoldPlus, PlatinumPlus;
MetroPlus Medicare Advantage Plan;
MetroPlus Medicare Platinum Plan;
Beacon Health Strategies (for behavioral health services);
MetroPlus Gold;
MetroPlus Gold Care 1;
MetroPlus Gold Care 2;




Qualified Health Plans;
Small Group Plans


NYC Health + Hospital’s providers and hospitals are contracted with the health plans listed in this website, which means that they are in-network and participating with these plans.

Your benefit coverage for care provided by NYC Health + Hospitals is determined solely by your insurance company and is based on the provisions of your specific medical benefit plan.

Care provided by NYC Health + Hospitals may not be covered by your health plan at the highest available benefit level, nor may NYC Health + Hospitals participate in every product offering from the health plans listed in this website. Please contact the customer service department or the benefits administrator listed on the back of your member identification card to confirm that you have in-network access to NYC Health + Hospitals and that the specific health care service you are seeking at NYC Health + Hospitals is covered by your health plan.

This information is updated periodically and is subject to change; please check with your health plan to verify coverage.

Dealing with health insurance and other benefits can be very confusing. If you have questions, please call your insurance representative to better understand how your policy works and what it covers.

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