Take Care’s AfterCare Program connects Test & Trace clients that have ongoing health and social needs to resources and referrals relating to Long COVID. Individuals with Long COVID typically experience a range of symptoms that develop during or following a case of COVID-19, and which continue for more than 28 days.

Physical Health

Physical Health

COVID-19 Centers of Excellence

Tremont COVID-19 Center of Excellence in the Bronx and Roosevelt COVID-19 Center of Excellence in Queens provide short and long-term follow-up care for individuals recovering from COVID-19. These Centers provide the following services:

  • Lung care and supplemental oxygen
  • Heart care
  • Diagnostic radiology services
  • Mental health services for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychological distress
  • Rooms with special technology to safely isolate patients who may have COVID-19 and are being tested

Learn more or call for an appointment: 212-COVID19 (212-208-4319), press 0

For a list of Long COVID care clinics in NYC, click here.

Primary Care Referrals

A primary care provider (PCP) helps you get healthy and stay healthy. They can:

  • Help prevent disease by identifying risk factors
  • Help you manage any chronic conditions so you have a better quality of life
  • Help you get connected to specialists if you need them

It’s recommended that people of all ages and all genders have a primary care provider.

You can call H+H’s Primary Care Hotline 844-NYC-4NYC (844-692-4692) to make an appointment with a PCP.


Self-care and management are critical to recovering from or reducing COVID-19 symptoms. The suggested strategies below may help you pace your recovery and feel better sooner.

  • Focus on improving your general health, and implementing lifestyle modifications
  • Self-monitor your symptoms:
    • Track your symptoms (or ask a partner or friend to help you)
    • Include any readings you get from your pulse oximeter to monitor blood oxygenation rates
    • Try to be as detailed as possible about all of your symptoms, including how severe they are, how long they last, how often they occur, when they occur, and whether they limit your ability to function
  • Manage your fatigue, a common symptom of Long COVID:
  • Consider any changes to your taste and smell:

Mental Health

Mental Health


NYC Well is your connection to free, confidential mental health support. To speak to a counselor via phone, text, or chat and get access to mental health and substance use services, in more than 200 languages, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Call 888-NYC-WELL (888-692-9355), text “WELL” to 65173, or chat online.


ThriveNYC provides mental health support and resources for coping and mental well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak. ThriveNYC has specific resources for:

  • Help with alcohol or drug use
  • Grief and loss
  • Aging New Yorkers
  • Veterans
  • Students and young people
  • Parents and caregivers
  • People harmed by violence, crime or abuse
  • People with disabilities
  • City government employees
  • Additional COVID-19 support

Accessing Mental Health Support

Cost: Many mental health programs listed above are free to New Yorkers, regardless of insurance coverage or immigration status. For programs with costs, New York State has issued an emergency regulation requiring insurance companies to waive deductibles, copayments (copays), or coinsurance for in-network telehealth visits, including mental health services.

Internet access: New Yorkers can access many mental health resources online during the COVID-19 outbreak. Visit this page to find free WiFi access locations.

Learn more: Five Ways it is Easier and More Affordable to Access Mental Health Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

Community Support

Community Support

Body Politic Support Group

Body Politic is an independent support group created by people who have or had COVID-19. The group provides an opportunity to feel connected and supported through infection, symptoms, and recovery.

  • The Body Politic COVID-19 support group is open to the following people, regardless of immigration status:
    • People recovering from COVID-19 or dealing with post-viral syndromes as a result of the virus
    • People who have tested positive for COVID-19 (NOTE: a positive test is NOT required to join the group)
    • Caretakers and immediate family of COVID-19 patients who are currently too sick to actively participate in the group

To join the support group or find out more information, click here. Please make sure to fill out the fields “What are you experiencing?” and “What would be most helpful to you?” so Body Politic can best provide you resources.

Financial Support

Financial Support

Accessing Health Care

NYC CARE: NYC Care is a health care access program that guarantees low-cost and no-cost services to New Yorkers who do not qualify for or cannot afford health insurance. There are options for all New Yorkers regardless of ability to pay or immigration status. New Yorkers who do not qualify for or cannot afford health insurance can click here to enroll in or call 646-NYC-Care (646-692-2273).

Paid Sick Leave

Certain workers who have COVID-19 or were in contact with someone with COVID-19 may be eligible for sick leave (time off) regardless of immigration status. State and local laws let workers take time off to care for themselves or a family member. Employers cannot mistreat or punish workers for using or asking for sick leave. If you have not already, you may able to access Paid Sick Leave benefits retroactively. Click here for a summary of State, City, and Federal Paid Sick Leave Laws.

  • NYC’s Paid Sick Leave is covered for all workers who:
    • Are sick
    • Need preventive care
    • Have to quarantine
    • Seek diagnosis or treatment of an illness, injury, or health condition or
    • Have to care for a family member for the reasons above

You may be able to use Paid Sick Leave for additional time off after your quarantine and isolation period. More information on NYC’s Paid Safe and Sick Leave Law can be found here.

In order to get paid, you may need an official “order of quarantine” from the NYC Department of Health. To get the documentation needed, you can call the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Coronavirus Hotline at 855-491-2667, 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.

Family Leave

The New York State Paid Family Leave Program aims to support people with COVID-19 who have to take time off work.

The application requires an individual to submit an isolation or quarantine order along with the results of their COVID-19 test or a doctor’s note stating they had or have COVID-19 symptoms.

To get the documentation needed and to have any questions answered, call the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Paid Family Leave documentation hotline at 855-491-2667, 9am-9pm, 7 days a week.

Long-Term Disability

Long-term Disability is an insurance policy that protects an employee from loss of income in the event that he or she is unable to work due to illness, injury, or accident for a long period of time.


Empowered NYC provides free and confidential over the phone financial counseling for people with disabilities, including individuals who may want to apply for long-term disability due to their Long COVID symptoms.

  • EmpoweredNYC can help:
    • Manage your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits
    • Tackle Social Security Administration (SSA) overpayments
    • Transition to work

Book an appointment online for EmpoweredNYC

Note: Disability claims will be evaluated on a case by case basis; symptoms of Long COVID may not qualify you for long-term disability.

Access HRA

The New York City Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services (HRA/DSS) is dedicated to fighting poverty and income inequality by providing New Yorkers in need with essential benefits such as Food Assistance and Emergency Rental Assistance.

HRA Call Center: Call 718-557-1399 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday