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Press Releases

Statement from NYC Health + Hospitals President and CEO Dr. Mitchell Katz Regarding Video of Jamaica Center Outreach

Statement from President and CEO Dr. Mitchell Katz

Nov 22, 2019

“I cannot make any comment about a specific patient. But I can assure you that this woman was not arrested or charged with any crime. As required by law, we always respect the privacy of individuals. However, as New Yorkers, we can agree that we are a compassionate city, and that there are people in our midst who need help. Some people who are suffering from mental illness, and due to their mental illness, do not always wish to seek care, even when they are a danger to themselves or others. However, in clinical circumstances, where someone’s mental illness is severe, the right thing to do is to bring them to a hospital so they can be appropriately evaluated and cared for.

Ideally, people would voluntarily accept care, but often enough this does not occur. That doesn’t mean that our responsibility ends to just leave people uncared for. I was present today because I feel that it is our obligation to do everything we can to get people to accept care. Under the roof of my hospital system, we can treat serious mental illness and lead people to a better life.”