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Press Releases

NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens Expands Orthopedic Services With New Total Hip and Knee Replacement Center

Center aims to restore mobility and quality of life to individuals with hip and knee joints that no longer function properly

Oct 21, 2021

Queens, NY

NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens today announced an expansion of its Orthopedic Department with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Total Hip and Knee Replacement Center that will better serve and respond to the needs of patients experiencing orthopedic disorders, including the aging community suffering from degenerative joint diseases.  The new Center, which consists of a team of 15 diverse providers, aims to restore mobility and quality of life to individuals with hip and knee joints that no longer function properly and cause difficulty in day-to-day activities.
“I am so pleased we are now able to offer this essential hip and knee service to members of our community conveniently within our trusted hospital,” said NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens CEO Neil J. Moore, MBA, MPA, FACHE. “The addition of a Total Hip and Knee Replacement Center will allow our hospital to provide timely, convenient, and critical care to all patients who need the service right here in-house, prioritizing their comfort by remaining closer to home to receive care.”
“Hip and knee pain has become a common medical condition that many people suffer from,” said NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens Director of Special Procedures Vinayak Perake, MD. “Being able to offer patients full-service care – from diagnosis, to surgeries, rehabilitation, and follow-up – right here in our hospital has allowed our dedicated team of caregivers to significantly improve the quality of care delivered to our patients. We are not just replacing hips and knees, but we’re replacing chronic pain with increased mobility and a better quality of life.”
The new Total Hip and Knee Replacement Center at NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens has the capacity to perform the following procedures:

  • Total hip arthroplasty (replacement) with laparoscopic capabilities;
  • Total knee arthroplasty; and
  • Hip Hemiarthroplasty (replacement of one-half of the hip joint).

NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens also has the capacity and expertise to take care of trauma-related orthopedic cases, including fractures, quadriceps or muscle repair, hardware removal, and foreign body removal.  The center also performs arthroscopies of various joints, or procedures for diagnosis and treatment of joint problems.
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens’ first on-site total hip replacement was Muhamad Redo, a 29-year-old who suffered from severe arthritis.
“This was my first time having a surgical procedure, but the team made me feel comfortable. My new hip is healing well, and I’m thankful for the Queens team for making the experience awesome and easy,” said Redo. “I’m fortunate that I was able to get this procedure done near my home, making it easy not just for me, but also for my support system through the surgery and recovery.”
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens invested $1 million into the new Center to acquire necessary equipment to perform these procedures. The new Center consists of a team of 15 providers, which include orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, social workers, nurses, and more. To accommodate the new procedures, NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens will expand this team by one X-ray technologist, rehab physician, and additional physician assistants.
“With so many of our elders not having access to specialists or surgical procedures due to the ongoing pandemic, I am pleased that NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens patients will now have a full-service care center in their neighborhood,” said New York State Senator Leroy G. Comrie Jr. “The ability to have a full range of services will be of tremendous benefit to local residents, as they will no longer have to travel to Manhattan or Long Island to get these procedures.  I commend NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens CEO Neil J. Moore for making this critical investment to serve our older adult population.”
“The new Total Hip and Knee Replacement Center at NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens will allow our community to receive full service care for a range of orthopedic disorders. Queens residents, especially our seniors, deserve top quality health care, and this expansion will ensure access to state-of-the-art facilities that are close to home. Congratulations to NYC Health + Hospitals on the opening of this center and for their ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive health care for all New Yorkers,” said New York State Senator John Liu.
“NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens is committed to providing quality health care to the people of Queens. They are always on the lookout for ways to improve patient care and experience. The new Total Hip and Knee Replacement Center is designed to meet the needs of our community. As the Assembly Member representing this great institution, I look forward to seeing the new center up in operation,” said Assemblyman David Weprin.
Hospitals that have established hip and knee centers have demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement, reduced variations in care delivery and costs, and better outcomes translating to improvement in quality of life. According to The American Joint Replacement Registry, more than one million total joint arthroplasties are performed in the United States, which is expected to increase to four million by 2030.
For more information about NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens, visit our website www.nychealthandhospitals.org/queens, or call 1-844-NYC-4NYC for an appointment.