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Press Releases

NYC Public Hospitals Honor Outstanding Physicians

Mar 26, 2010

New York, NY

In recognition of National Doctors’ Day, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) honored 29 physicians and clinical leaders for their commitment to advancing the mission of the public hospital system.
“These exceptional men and women exemplify the expertise, compassion and collaborative spirit that are helping to drive performance improvements across HHC’s vast system,” said HHC President Alan D. Aviles at the awards luncheon at Bellevue Hospital Center. “They represent the several thousand dedicated and talented physicians who treat HHC’s 1.3 million patients each year and are helping to make HHC one of the safest, most efficient, and patient-centered health care systems in the country.”
Doctors’ Day Awards were presented to 28 gifted physicians who vary in age, education, specialties, years of service, and represent the ethnic diversity of HHC patients. Among them is a group of community physicians who represent HHC’s growing relationship with healthcare providers outside the public hospital system who serve HHC patients throughout the city. These doctors have embraced and advanced HHC’s patient safety agenda and the effective treatment of chronic diseases in children and adults, such as asthma and diabetes.
As a special recognition, the President’s Award for Outstanding Service, was presented to Dr. Jahon Soltani, Director of the Emergency Department at Coney Island Hospital Center, for forty-one years of outstanding service and in recognition of his leadership, vision, commitment, dedication, passion and his efforts to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.
National Doctors’ Day, officially observed on March 30, dates back to 1933. The day marks the anniversary of the first use of general anesthesia in surgery. In 1990, National Doctors’ Day was established by Congress to show appreciation for the contributions of physicians to increase scientific knowledge of treating disease, and for the work they do to apply modern and patient-centered methods to improve healthcare and patient well-being.

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