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NYC Health + Hospitals Announces New Services for New Yorkers to Safely Separate From Loved Ones and Family

The Test & Trace Corps' offers free hotel rooms to New Yorkers who test positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to the virus

In addition to free meals and transportation, the hotel program will now offer testing on-site, telepsychiatry services to access mental health professionals, and free medication delivery

Jul 20, 2020

New York, NY

NYC Health + Hospitals today announced that the NYC Test & Trace Corps, the city’s public health initiative to fight COVID-19 and help New York City reopen safely, will now offer new hotel services and amenities to make it even more convenient, safe and comfortable for New Yorkers who test positive for the virus and those who have been exposed to the virus, to safely separate to protect their loved ones. In addition to free meals, transportation, health care services and more, starting early next week, hotels will also begin to offer, telepsychiatry services to access mental health professionals, and will ensure access to medications for all hotel guests regardless of insurance status. Beginning July 20th, hotels will also begin to offer COVID-19 testing on-site. New Yorkers who test positive for COVID-19 or who may have been exposed to the virus can qualify for a free hotel room for up to 14 days to safely separate and protect their loved ones.

“Hundreds of health care providers chose to stay at a hotel during the surge of Covid-19 to protect their loved ones at home. Now any New Yorker who needs to safely separate from their loved ones can access the same comfortable, convenient hotel accommodations, with the added amenities and services needed to stay healthy,” said Test & Trace Corps Ambulatory Care Take Care Lead Dr. Amanda Johnson.

“Our hotel program was created to serve all individuals who were suspected or confirmed to be exposed to COVID-19, whether they were experiencing symptoms or not. We provided physical, emotional, social and family support and care to aid their recovery at the peak of the pandemic. We stand ready to provide this support to more New Yorkers who need it” said Hotel Program Lead, Nicole Jordan-Martin.

Staying home is not an option for many New Yorkers who test positive for the coronavirus or may have been exposed to the virus. Many live-in small spaces with multiple family members and shared bathrooms and cannot safely separate. The Test & Trace Corps’ hotel program allows New Yorkers to safely separate for two weeks at a hotel. Transportation to and from the hotel is free as is transportation to dialysis or medical appointments.

If a New Yorker tests positive for COVID-19, a contact tracer will call them to offer options for them to safely separate. This could be at home or at a Test & Trace Corps’ hotel. Additionally, if New Yorkers think they have been exposed to the virus and want to safely separate from loved ones, they can access the hotel program by calling 1-844-NYC-4NYC (1-844-692-4692) to speak directly with someone who can help them access a private room. Individuals with children who also need to safely separate can be accommodated at the hotel as well.

Free hotel accommodations are part of the three focus areas of the Test & Trace Corps, which promotes testing, tracing and offers services for New Yorkers to Take Care at a hotel or at home. To view one of the participating hotels, visit the virtual tour here:

NYC Test & Trace Corps hotel services include FREE:

  • Round-trip transportation to and from the hotel
  • Private room and bathroom
  • Free wifi and unlimited local phones calls to stay connected to family and loved ones
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • On-site health care support by trained doctors and nurses, including access to mental health services
  • On-site social work and care coordination services
  • Medication delivery
  • Interpreter services to ensure clear communication in preferred