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Press Releases

Joint Statement from HHC and NYC Department of Health

Oct 12, 2014

Although we have seen a number of cases of people who were sick and had recent travel that raised concerns, we have not had a single confirmed case of Ebola in New York City. Nonetheless, we recognize that healthcare workers in New York City are concerned about their risk. Since the end of July, the New York City Health Department, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation and the New York State Department of Health have been working closely with the Greater New York Hospital Association, individual hospitals and first responders to make sure they have adequate supplies, including Personal Protective Equipment, training, and protocols to care for Ebola patients safely. Meticulous adherence to these guidelines, established in accordance with CDC guidance, will keep healthcare workers involved in direct care for patients with Ebola safe from infection. We will continue to work with our partners, including healthcare worker unions, to ensure that healthcare workers and first responders can do their jobs safely and effectively.
In addition to other precautions, HHC is implementing a buddy system in which healthcare workers monitor another healthcare giver to ensure that a breach of infection control protocol does not occur. The 11-hospital public system is also conducting ongoing drills with fake patients to test readiness, as are private hospitals, and HHC has created a special unit at Bellevue Hospital to treat patients at risk for Ebola.

For more information, visit the NYC Department of Health website and the CDC website.

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