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In Honor of International Mother Language Day, NYC Health + Hospitals’ NYC Care Program Announces Outreach Flyers to Be Available in Over 50 Languages

International Mother Language Day, first proclaimed by UNESCO, underscores the role of languages in promoting inclusion and achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

NYC Care is committed to reducing barriers to care, ensuring all New Yorkers can access health care regardless of immigration status or ability to pay

Feb 21, 2024

NYC Health + Hospitals’ NYC Care program today announced that outreach flyers are now available in over 50 languages, a marked increase from the 10 City-designated languages they are currently available in. The announcement coincides with the celebration of International Mother Language Day, a UNESCO world holiday celebrating linguistic diversity that has been observed globally since 2000. The day recognizes the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity, while acknowledging the threat of extinction to various languages. Given the linguistic diversity of New York City, NYC Care is committed to promoting language justice as part of a range of initiatives to eliminate barriers to care and encourage all New Yorkers regardless of immigration status or ability to pay to apply. NYC Care eliminated the six-month residency eligibility requirement and works with diverse community partners who undertake culturally sensitive outreach city-wide. The translation project also advances the Health System’s mission to extend equally to all New Yorkers, regardless of their ability to pay, comprehensive health services of the highest quality in an atmosphere of humane care, dignity, and respect.

“Language justice leads to better health outcomes, so I am thrilled to announce this project in time for International Mother Language Day,” said Jonathan Jiménez, MD, MPH, Executive Director of NYC Care at NYC Health + Hospitals. “From eliminating the six-month residency eligibility requirement to maintaining city-wide public awareness campaigns, we want to make it as easy as possible for all New Yorkers to learn about the program and access care. This announcement continues to increase inclusion and ensures we can continue building a healthier city for all New Yorkers. To learn more about the program and find out if you are eligible, call 646-692-2273 or visit NYCCare.NYC.”

The flyers can be accessed on the NYC Care website under the resources page. The languages were chosen based on translations prioritized by the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and include languages of limited diffusion and indigenous languages. The flyers will be available in:

Albanian | shqip
Arabic | العربية
Bosnian | Bosanski
Bengali | বাঙালি
Brazilian Portuguese | Português brasileiro
Chinese (Simplified) | 简化字
Chinese (Traditional) | 正體字
Farsi | فارسی
French | français
Fulah | Fulfulde (Fulfulde)
Garifuna | Garifuna
Georgian | ქართული ენა
German | Deutsch
Greek | Ελληνικά
Gujarati | ગુજરાતી
Haitian Creole | kreyòl ayisyen (translation incoming)
Hebrew | עִ בְ רִ ית
Hindi | हिंदी
Igbo | Ásụ̀sụ́ Ìgbò
Italian | Italiano (translation incoming)
Japanese | 日本語
Korean | 한국어
Kurdish | کور د ی ی سۆر ان ی
Malayalam | മലയാളം
Mandinka | Mandi’nka kango
Mixtec | Mixteco
Nahuatl | Aztec
Nepali | नेपाली
Pashto | پښتو
Polish | Polskie
Portuguese | Português
Punjabi | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
Quechuan | Kechua
Romanian | Limba română
Russian | русский
Soninke | Soninké
Spanish | Español
Swahili | Kiswahili
Tagalog | tagalog
Tajik | Тоҷикӣ
Tamil | தமிழ்
Tibetan | བོད་ཡིག
Turkish | Türkçe
Twi | Twi (Akan)
Ukrainian | українська
Urdu | اردو
Uzbek (Cyrillic) | ўзбек тили
Uzbek (Latin) | Oʻzbekcha
Vietnamese | tiếng Việt
Wolof | Wolof
Yiddish | יידיש
Yoruba | Èdè Yorùbá


MEDIA CONTACT: Press Office, 212-788-3339

About NYC Care
NYC Care is a health care access program that provides comprehensive and low or no-cost healthcare services through NYC Health + Hospitals for New Yorkers who cannot afford or are ineligible for health insurance. NYC Care provides a membership card, 24/7 customer service, access to comprehensive and affordable healthcare services, like primary care, mental health services, and sexual and reproductive healthcare, low-cost medications, and member materials in multiple languages – regardless of your immigration status or ability to pay. Call 646-NYC-CARE (646-692-2273) or visit NYCCare.NYC to learn more and sign up today – privacy and confidentiality guaranteed.

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