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Vanny Isabel Reyes, RN

Vanny Isabel Reyes, RN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/South Brooklyn Health

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

As a Staff Nurse in the Emergency Department at NYC Health + Hospitals/South Brooklyn Health, Vanny Reyes was inspired to become a nurse by her children.

“I wanted to be knowledgeable of any illnesses or symptoms that they may be having,” she says.

Reyes prides herself on her patient-centered care and patient advocacy, noting, “I would like them to feel as if someone can relate and empathize with them. I feel that I am a quick learner, work well with others, have good communication skills, and am a good team player. I believe I have been a great patient advocate and worked well under pressure with the support of my team.”

“I try to take care of each patient as if they were my family member.”
Vanny Isabel Reyes, Staff Nurse

“My colleagues are very important to me and I feel that communication and teamwork with them is key to get through our days,” she points out, adding, “The best moment in my career thus far is getting through the pandemic, working day in and day out with my colleagues and supporting each other through the most difficult time of our careers.”  

Colleagues say Reyes has many strengths, including teamwork, communications skills and collaboration. “She has excellent assessment and time management skills, and is an excellent communicator amongst her coworkers including staff nurses and MDs,” notes a co-worker.

Clinical skills also are one of Reyes’ assets. “She is well versed in our Emergency Department protocols including STEMI/PCI, and stroke,” comments a co-worker. “In triage, she is able to quickly identify and prioritize critical patients to ensure necessary treatments are started in a timely manner. She is a great patient advocate, and ensures safety by making sure each nurse on her team has an even distribution of patient load, keeping in mind the level of care each patient requires.”

“I care for each patient with dignity regardless of choices they might make, and showing compassion for what they are going through,” Reyes says.

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