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Simone Ross, BSN, RN

Simone Ross, BSN, RN

Head Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/McKinney

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

Simone Ross brings takes a caring and calm approach to her responsibilities as head nurse at NYC Health + Hospitals/McKinney, where she works with older adults and their families.

“As a nurse, several crucial personality traits define my effectiveness in my role and significantly influence my day-to-day activities, ultimately enabling me to provide the highest quality of care to my patients,” she points out. “Patience is an invaluable virtue in the realm of nursing. Maintaining composure and understanding is paramount when confronted with patients and their families, who may be anxious, in pain, or grappling with complex health issues.”

Colleagues praise Ross’s ability to work with residents suffering from dementia, as well as her ability to promote teamwork. “Ross communicates well with the families of the residents with dementia and staff on the unit,” says a co-worker, while another states, “She brings great work ethics, thirst for knowledge and eagerness to improve patient outcomes.”

“In navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare, my critical thinking skills come to the forefront.”
Simone Ross, Head Nurse

Recognizing that every patient is unique, I strive to immerse myself in their experiences, allowing me to provide tailored support. Even in the face of challenging or demanding situations, I remain steadfast in my commitment to patient well-being.”

Ross also says she likes to learn, and prides herself on being very detail-oriented and conscientious.

“Nursing demands practical organizational skills, so I approach my responsibilities with efficient time management and organization,” she declares. “This ensures that medications are administered punctually, patient records are kept meticulously updated, and all tasks are executed precisely.

“With the innovation of informatics within nursing  I remain vigilant, sharp, and analytical in the ever-evolving realm,” she adds. “My interactions with patients, their families, and my colleagues empower me to consistently provide the utmost care, promoting the well-being of those entrusted to me.”

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