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Rita Choy, BSN, RN

Rita Choy, BSN, RN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

When critically ill patients recover at NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County, ICU Nurse Rita Choy makes comfort and safety her top priorities as they return home to their families.

“It is fulfilling to see your hard work make a difference in the recovery of a critically ill patient, seeing critically-ill patients able to leave the ICU as a result of our teamwork,” Choy says.

“I approach patient care head-on by assessing my patients, prioritizing tasks and completing them in a timely manner. I hope patients and their families understand that I want their condition to improve while keeping them safe and comfortable.”

“I strive to continue learning every day, and use this knowledge to apply to my nursing practice to provide better care to my patients.”
Rita Choy, Staff Nurse

Currently working as a Staff Nurse at NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County, Choy began her nine-year nursing career after serving as a hospital volunteer, leading her to want to “help others and make a difference in the lives of those who were at their most vulnerable, providing more direct and personable care to patients.”

Choy calls herself “a hardworking team player,” and says she uses attention to detail, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop a daily plan of care for her patients. “I respect and collaborate with different members of an interdisciplinary team while advocating for my patients and keeping them safe,” she says.

Looking ahead, Choy says she strives “to be a better person every day,” and is “never afraid of asking questions to learn new things.”

Choy says she expects the nursing profession to continue to evolve. “I foresee nursing will have more responsibilities due to expanding scope of practice, therefore continuing education will be very important to allow nursing to be at the forefront in patient-centered care,” she asserts. “This includes more certified nurses, requirements for advanced degrees, and increased competencies in a wider array of skill sets.

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