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Rico Navea Zara, BSN, RN

Rico Navea Zara, BSN, RN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

For Nurse Rico Zara, professionalism and patient care go hand in hand.

“I want my patients to know that I am ready to take care of their health physically and mentally, including their significant others who could be impacted by their life-changing situations brought about by their health conditions,” he adds. “I believe in being attentive to patients needs as well as acting as a resource to my colleagues.”

Zara currently works as a Staff Nurse in the Gastroenterology unit at NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan, where colleagues praise his clinical skills as well as excellent care and compassion, crediting him with being an “exceptional fund of knowledge for clinical care and support of GI procedures.”

“The principles of nursing excellence are exemplified by the high level of professionalism and pride in the work that I do for our patients and my colleagues.”
Rico Navea Zara, Staff Nurse

“Rico’s contributions to GI/Endoscopy cannot be understated; he is one of the best nurses I have worked with in my career and he is widely respected by peers, colleagues and patients,” one co-workers states.

Zara himself credits his hard work, empathy, collaboration and teamwork for helping him achieve his goals in the nursing profession, including rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19. “The most unforgettable moment of my career is when we transitioned from being GI nurses to becoming nurses providing higher level of care during the pandemic,” he notes. “It tested my resiliency, willpower and commitment as a nurse.”

Zara says he was encouraged to become a nurse by his mother, who is a teacher and says she inspired him to become “an exceptional communicator through active listening and engagement and meaningful feedback.”

Going forward, Zara says he is looking forward to using new technologies to advance nursing practice. “I see the nursing profession being revolutionized to meet the needs of changing times,” he remarks, noting that technology can be used to “lessen manual work performing by the nurse without compromising the quality of care provided.”

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