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Noreen Paronda, BSN, RN

Noreen I. Paronda, BSN, RN

Head Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Sea View

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The DAISY Foundation Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity

Immigrating to the United States from the Philippines, Noreen I. Paronda expected to continue her then-career as a certified public accountant. But, nursing proved to be her true calling.

“In my mind back then, nursing would only be a stepping stone, but by a twist of fate, I have learned to love being a nurse,” she explains of her eight-year career. “Nursing is indeed an amazing and challenging career that requires you to be all in. It’s a field where you return home and feel you have been a great help to other people and the community.”

Currently working as a Staff Nurse at NYC Health + Hospitals/Seaview, Paronda knows first-hand the importance of health equity, noting that it is necessary to advocate for fair treatment of all patients. “Mitigating health disparities is important, as addressing the effects of racism, ethnocentrism, homophobia, and unequal treatment based on immigration status on health will be beneficial for overall health status and outcomes,” she points out. “I myself, who started to be an immigrant in this country, can better understand the importance of equality. Equity is a central tenet of nursing practice. As a nurse, I value diversity; stay open-minded and treat patients regardless of their identity or ideals.”

“What makes a truly great nurse is the ability to bring the best qualities into the work environment and use them alongside your nursing skills.”
Noreen I. Paronda, Head Nurse

Education and technology can play key roles in achieving nursing excellence, according to Paronda, who points to telehealth as an important tool. “Data is critical to every aspect of modern society,” she declares. “Through nursing informatics, healthcare organizations can acquire, process, and assess patient data from different sources, providing enhanced knowledge that can benefit nurses in delivering patient care. This also enables nurses to connect with patients through mobile devices, apps, laptops for remote patient monitoring. I am embracing the fact that nurses are lifelong learners. As a nurse, I look forward to take continuing education courses to update my knowledge and skills on the latest technology.”

Another important quality is empathy, which Paronda says helps her relate better to coworkers and patients. “Being empathic helps me improve communication with others and create great relationships, making for a positive workplace,” she comments. “This allows me to understand more deeply how a patient might feel and what they might need from us and come up with successful treatment plans.

“I would say my approach is a mixture of patient-centered care and collaboration,” she continues. “I place my patient in the driver’s seat, where they play an active role in their own care. At the end of the day, I want the patients and their families to feel that they made a good decision coming to Seaview for continuation of care. Organization and multitasking can be learned and practiced, but truly caring about people and being able to empathize with them runs deeper.”

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