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Lana Small, BSN, RN

Lana Small, BSN, RN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

Lana Small believes patience and compassion are integral to the nursing profession, and has been perfecting these personality traits during her 20-year nursing career.

“Patience helps me to be able to do my work despite difficulties, to work through the various situations that arise without becoming upset or angry,” she explains. “Compassion helps me understand that when people are sick, they are not able to respond normally, and as such, I need to help them get through their illness by the things I can do for them.

“I approach each patient calmly and respectfully because I believe that your mood can have an effect on the way you are received,” she adds. “This is the same way I interact with families. I want my patients and families to feel confident in the care I will provide and to feel comfortable enough to share their feelings.”

“When patients return to thank nurses and to show how much progress they have made, that just warms my heart and makes me know how wonderful it is to be a part of this great calling.”
Lana Small, Staff Nurse

Currently working as a Staff Nurse at NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem, Small is focused on making sure that patients and families have an excellent care experience. “I hope that they can take away from their experience that Harlem Hospital is a great place and delivers world-class care,” she says.

“I see each patient as an individual and the care is structured to that patients’ needs. Giving them the best experience is something that I take pride in so that they leave feeling satisfied.”

“My personal philosophy and approach to nursing closely aligns with ‘Integrity;’ this appeals to me because a person with integrity will put patients first and do the right thing for them,” she explains. “Integrity helps also when interacting with family members; people appreciate honesty especially when it is done respectfully. Integrity will bring about trust. In my daily activities I keep integrity and respect as my companions.”

Small predicts a bright future for the nursing profession, especially as new technologies enhance health care. “Technology will play a pivotal role in the nursing profession,” she asserts. “Bar code scanners, patient monitors and other equipment used in the execution of nursing duties will see technological improvements.

“Recently, with the advent of AI technology and telehealth, we can be more productive as nurses and reach more people,” she continues. “Patients and families now have the ability to see and monitor their own charts online. I believe that the scope of telehealth nursing will make it very important in the future. As nurses we need to be prepared for these changes so that we can continue giving excellent care.”

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