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Kethly Durandisse Jean, BSN, RN

Kethly Durandisse Jean, BSN, RN

Supervisor of Nurses
NYC Health + Hospitals/Gouverneur

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Excellence in Nursing Leadership

Professionalism and continuing education are twin cornerstones of nursing excellence, and Kethly Durandisse Jean endeavors to promote both in her position as Supervisor of Nurses at NYC Health + Hospitals/Gouverneur.

“When I started nursing a few years ago, a lot was different: from paper charts, to documentation and practices,” she explains, looking back on her 17-year career. “Despite all the changes, the needs of patients continue and will remain a priority. I want to be a change agent, and collaborate with my co-workers to respond to patients’ needs as well as improve their care outcomes.

As a nurse leader, Jean says she strives to embody “calmness, endurance and utmost honesty,” and values her “integrity and advocacy, strong problem-solving skills, adaptability, and my ability to remain calm under pressure.”

“I always love sharing my nursing knowledge with new nursing staff as it is the best way to ensure continuous success of the nursing profession.”
Kethly Durandisse Jean, Supervisor of Nurses

Jean was motivated to become a nurse after working as a home health aide. “I used to see how the visiting nurses treated the patients with compassion and empathy,” she recalls. “Since I am a caring and compassionate person, I started to realize the importance of becoming a nurse.

“The most important personality traits that I bring to nursing are openness, agreeableness, strong moral compass while providing care with integrity, and a strong focus on patient advocacy,” she continues. “Patients are usually vulnerable and therefore looking for trustworthy nurses that can make decisions on their behalf with their best interests in mind, and that is how my personal traits influence in my day-to-day activities.”

“My patients have more confidence in me because I perform my duties with integrity, which makes them more comfortable and willing to receive necessary treatment for their illnesses or injuries,” she asserts. “I make honest and moral decisions and connect with my patients and provide ethical, quality care.

In the future, Jean says she sees the nursing profession moving into different settings, addressing shifting demographics and placing increasing emphasis on population health, all of which will lead to a growing need for education and increased leadership. “I expect continuing professional development to be the important direction for nurses to provide safe, effective care to their patients.

“I am always optimistic and passionate about the continuous success of the nursing profession and will continue to do my part to achieve nursing excellence,” she continues, noting that she believes in “a high degree of professionalism, love for the profession, love for education, and improvement of patient outcomes.”

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