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Kareen Robertson, DNP, MSN-Ed, MHA, RN

Kareen Robertson, DNP, MSN-Ed, MHA, RN

Nurse Educator
NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue

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Excellence in Education and Mentorship

Growing up in Jamaica, Kareen Robertson helped care for her visually-impaired great-grandmother and found her calling to become a nurse.

“Nursing is a profession that is embedded in my heart,” Robertson says of her 30-year career, citing nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale and nursing theorist Jean Watson as inspirations. “The two most important personality traits I embody are nurturing and compassion; these traits help me break down barriers, heal, teach, create systems, and network with others, which is aligned with NYC Health + Hospitals’ mission to care for the sick regardless of color, race or creed.”

Robertson uses this approach in her position as Nurse Educator at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue, where she works to bolster the nursing profession and improve patient outcomes. “A nurse is an advocate, leader and a teacher,” she relates. “As a Nurse Educator I am not only imparting information to nursing professionals but to also to patients and families.”

Nursing is evolving and the nursing professional development team, including myself, support the concept of being a lifelong learner, laying the foundation for transformational leadership and advancement in practice which are driving forces towards nursing excellence.”
Kareen Robertson, Nurse Educator

Robertson encourages both novice and experienced nurses to pursue specialty nursing certifications, and assists them in developing performance improvement initiatives within their units; she also is active in facilitating NYC Health + Hospitals’ educational partnerships with affiliated nursing schools, accommodating more than 5,000 students.

“I truly believe being a nurse is the greatest and most rewarding profession, because impacting people’s lives is my mantra, caring for the individuals both locally and globally,” she remarks. “One of the best moments in my professional journey was seeing how caring and empathy impacted an 18-year-old patient who survived a horrific motor vehicle accident; she was admitted to the surgical Intensive care Unit (SICU) and placed on mechanical ventilation for six months. After 18 months of rehabilitation, she returned with her family to the ICU to express gratitude to the staff.”

Robertson knows firsthand the importance of quality patient care, having overcome stage 1 breast cancer and living as a survivor for eight years.

“My nursing journey has afforded me a plethora of blessings and opportunities,” she states. “I am empowered to teach patients and their families the importance of self-care; patients will have positive outcomes because individualized care allows the patient to be involved in the decision-making, applying their beliefs to their treatment. I believe the art of caring is embodied in the nurse I am today.”

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