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Julie Taylor, MSHI, BSN, RN

Julie Taylor, MSHI, BSN, RN

Clinical Business Analyst
NYC Health + Hospitals/Central Office

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Excellence in Technology and Innovation

Julie Taylor started her 16-year nursing career as a bedside nurse for 12 years before becoming a nurse informaticist. In her current role as a Clinical Business Analyst, she serves as an instructional designer with the Applications Learning Team.

“I have been using my background in inpatient care and computer science to enhance the safety and overall quality of care given to patients,” Taylor said.

“The use of an Electronic Medical Records system allows for quick and informed decision-making based on the quality and availability of data presented,” she continues. “Another highlight of technology is its role in enhancing safety; medication errors are greatly reduced due to the safety tools within the medication administration workflow. Patient and family members have the ability to understand more and to become more engaged with the use of clinician communication tools such as My Chart and telehealth, which allows patients real time or delayed communication on the patients’ own timeline.”

“Advocating for patients and seeing that my effort helps to improve their outcome continuously helps to confirm that I am making a difference in the lives of my patients and their family members.”
Julie Taylor, Clinical Business Analyst

Taylor credits her sister, Anesta, also a nurse, for encouraging her to become a nurse.

“Having grown up in a family of caretakers, I was highly motivated to extend my care and compassion to make a difference in the nursing profession,” she notes, adding, “Mentoring nursing students and precepting new nursing staff are highlights of my nursing career. I derive tremendous satisfaction from just being able to see how my support and advice influence their nursing path and lead them to be more compassionate and organized nurses.”

Looking ahead, Taylor believes that innovation and technology will become increasing integrated into patient care, making continuous education a critical competency for nurses.

“This calls for nurses to educate not only ourselves, but also our patients, family members and friends on the importance of technology in enhancing their healthcare, and educating them on usage and promote a balance of technology availability and access,” she explains. “As a nurse informaticist, it will be important for me to remain on the cutting edge of technology enhancements that will impact the overall quality of care and safety of our patients. Implementing process enhancement tools will continue to play a central role in healthcare, and in enhancing overall cost efficiency.” 

“Artificial intelligence and predictive modeling will begin to play a more central role in supporting nurses’ effort to improve patient care through mock simulations and development of diagnostic algorithms,” she adds. “Increased use of smart pumps with automated intake and output calculations will reduce the burden on nurses, allowing them to focus more on direct patient care and improve patient experience and outcomes.”

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