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Jonben Garcia, BSN, RN, MSN

Jonben Garcia, BSN, RN, MSN

Accountable Care Manager
NYC Health + Hospitals/Community Care

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The DAISY Foundation Award for Nurses Advancing Health Equity

Jonben Garcia’s commitment to helping others began when he was a high school student in the Philippines, when he joined a school organization visiting the sick and elderly, feeding malnourished children, and providing material assistance to the less privileged.

“The first time I went to a public hospital, I saw a man dressed in a white uniform assisting an elderly woman in her sickbed,” he remembers. “He was speaking gently, holding the hands of the sick woman who could barely feed herself. I felt the compassion and love being given by the gentleman in the white uniform and I wanted to be, a nurse like him – it is my calling, my vocation, my mission in life.”

This experience led to a three-decade nursing career marked by doing ordinary tasks in an extraordinary way.

“I approach patient care with great emphasis on achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction and also creating a smooth relationship where there are open lines of communication built on trust.”
Jonben Garcia, Accountable Care Manager

“A very important lesson I learned from my father is to treat people with respect, courtesy and most of all with kindness,” Garcia relates. “These values leave a lasting impression on my patients and their families, thus, helping them heal and recover quickly from their illness and sickness.”

As an Accountable Care Manager for NYC Health + Hospitals/Community Care, Garcia serves vulnerable and diverse populations who need Home Care.

“I am able to become a voice and catalyst for change in advocating the use of preventative services and community resources, thereby achieving health for all,” he said.

Garcia uses four central personality traits in his day-to-day activities: communication, competency, care and compassion.

“Open communication helps me to connect more with the people whom I care for, it makes me listen with my heart,” he notes. “Competency is the quality of having sufficient knowledge, judgment, skill or strength; this enables me to do well because I always come prepared to do my tasks efficiently. Care is the provision of what is necessary of the health, welfare, maintenance and protection of my work and of my patients. I treat other people the way I treat my family and the way I want to be treated. Compassion is a strong feeling of sympathy and sorrow for another and having the desire to alleviate their suffering; to be consciously aware and mindful of someone’s disposition and situation.”

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