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Jennifer Dizon, BSN, RN

Jennifer Dizon, BSN, RN

Head Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

As a child growing up in the Philippines, Jennifer Dizon was inspired by her mother to apply her natural kindness and compassion by becoming a nurse, setting her upon the path to a fulfilling 32-year career. 

Today, Dizon uses her understanding, caring and empathy to work with dementia patients as Head Nurse in the Memory Care Unit at NYC Health + Hospitals/Coler. “My mother raised us to embody the qualities of a nurse, including critical thinking, patience and perseverance,” Dizon recalls. “No matter what difficulty presented in her path, she maintained these qualities, to ensure a comfortable livelihood for her family. Her willpower inspired me to give back to the community.”

Working with dementia patients presents many challenges, but Dizon strives to ensure that each patient feels cared for and loved, even in the absence of a family member.

“The application and implementation of nursing excellence principles continue to remind me of my clear sense of purpose.”
Jennifer Dizon, Head Nurse

“As a Head Nurse of the Memory Care Unit, I’m longing to instill hope within a fragile population, to provide the best care, assist in maintaining and improving quality of life,” she explains. “I can connect with my patients with their interesting stories, past experiences, and cultural identity. I feel that compassion supports my philosophy and approach to nursing. My compassion is a testament to my careful delivery of nursing care, leading to a harmonious environment conducive for healing.”

Dizon also strongly believes in advocacy, both on the part of nurses and family members. As an advocate for my residents, I ensure all interdisciplinary members will play their role in achieving our highest goal, giving the best for our residents,” she points out, adding, “Family members also play an important role as advocates, and their participation makes a big difference.”

Dizon says she constantly strikes for excellence in her career. “Nursing is a demanding yet fulfilling career,” she asserts. “We possess the ability to improve quality care of our patients, however we must not forget to care for ourselves throughout our professional journey. Keeping the principles of nursing excellence in mind, I am able to set my goals and achieve my professional growth in nursing.”

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