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Alvin Francisco, RN

Alvin Francisco, RN

Staff Nurse, Critical Care
NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

Seeing his father hospitalized inspired Alvin Francisco to become a nurse and make a difference in the profession.

“It was a life-changing decision for me,” Francisco recollects. “I realized I wanted to be a nurse to be better at what I do and lead other nurses by example in order to provide the best nursing care and improve patient satisfaction.”

Francisco has spent his entire 21-year nursing career at NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst, and currently works as a staff nurse in the Intensive Care Unit. “To work in the ICU and deal with critically ill clients, one must be a highly compassionate, caring, professional, diligent, and patient individual,” he points out, noting that he prides himself on his kindness, caring, empathy, and compassion. “You need these qualities in order to succeed in providing excellent nursing care.”

“Patients are more receptive and welcoming when you treat them with dignity, compassion, and respect; in doing so, I hope my patients and their families feel that they received the best nursing care they deserve, thus improving the hospital’s patient care satisfaction.”
Alvin Francisco, Staff Nurse, Critical Care

Francisco credits Elmhurst’s ICU team for promoting nursing excellence, noting that the unit received the gold-level Beacon Award for Excellence from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN); Elmhurst’s CCU received the silver-level Beacon Award. “My co-workers are just as dedicated and committed to providing quality nursing care to the critically ill as I am; nursing excellence would not be possible without them,” he declares. “Commitment to nursing excellence requires excellence in clinical nursing skills, knowledge, expertise, and personal attributes that contribute to the delivery of quality patient care.

“We can provide high-quality care by displaying professionalism, compassion, integrity, respect, and excellence in the workplace,” he adds. “My team and I do so by being responsive to patient needs, taking responsibility for our actions, being honest and fair, resolving problems in a timely manner when they arise, maintaining patient confidentiality, preventing harm, providing a safe environment, and striving to do our best.”

Francisco focuses on providing individualized patient care. “My approach to patient care is that it must be tailored to each individual and must be delivered in a way that they feel safe and comfortable,” he explains. “To deliver excellent nursing care, I focus on the patient and their individual healthcare needs.

“It is very important to have compassion in nursing, as one must show concern for the suffering and misfortune of others as well as the desire to alleviate them,” he continues. “I believe that I always treat my patients and their families the way they would like to be treated and I always strive to be responsive to their wishes and needs.”

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