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Aileen Habana, MS-BC, BSN, RN

Aileen Habana, MS-BC, BSN, RN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln

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Excellence in Clinical Nursing

For Nurse Aileen Habana, her most rewarding moments in nursing have been patient interactions. One memorable moment was when a formerly critical care patient “came back to thank her for making him try to dance while he was intubated and had chest tubes.

 “It still brings a smile to me to this day,” she says.

The nursing profession is both a career and a passion for Aileen Habana, who has spent 35 years putting the needs of patients and families first.

“My approach to patient care is all about establishing a connection with not only the patient but the family as well.”
Aileen Habana, Staff Nurse

“My dedication comes from my love of being a nurse,” she explains adding that “love of the profession, passion for work, positivity and humor are my driving forces at work. It’s nice to work in a happy and healthy environment and that is where positivity and humor comes into play.”

Habana is currently a Staff Nurse at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, and says she was encouraged to pursue nursing by her mother when she was about to finish high school. “It was during my clinical exposures in college serving in an impoverished community, when it dawned into me that I really want to pursue the profession because giving care, support and just being with the sick and their family is just as important as having to take medicines and receiving treatments.”

“Every time when I get a simple thank you from the patients and their families, it gives me a sense of satisfaction,” she adds, noting the she tries to make people “feel supported and listened to in their most vulnerable moments.”

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