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Sheikh Ilias, BSN, RN, CCRN

Sheikh Ilias, BSN, RN, CCRN

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Staff Nurse, Critical Care
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens

Becoming a nurse was a logical career move for Sheikh Ilias, who wanted to devote his life to helping improve patient outcomes.

“Prior to nursing, I worked as an emergency medical technician,” he explains. “While working as an EMT, I realized I wanted to be more involved in the care of patients, to help improve outcomes. I believed with nursing I would be able to make a more significant impact and be able to help others. Some of the best moments have included my peers and colleagues making a difference and caring for those in need.”

Ilias has been a nurse for more than six years, spending nearly half of that time with NYC Health + Hospitals, where he currently works as a Staff Nurse, Critical Care at Queens Hospital. My open-mindedness and eagerness to learn allows me to seek new knowledge,” he points out, adding, “My ability to adapt and my capacity to learn very quickly has helped propel me in my career.”

Nominators say Ilias “exemplifies exceptional ICU bedside, procedural, hospital policy knowledge above and beyond his scope of practice,” noting that he is a member of the Critical Care Council. Ilias is “hard working, fair with assignments, a fast thinker, always learning and bringing new, updated information on excellent patient care to staff.”

Another nominator states Ilias “provides exceptional care, assisting all co-workers without hesitation.”

Ilias says he is a firm believer in training and education. “I am dedicated to learning, dedicated to sharing knowledge with my colleagues and peers,” he declares. “By advancing in higher education, I believe I can train and gain new skills to adapt to the changing world of nursing and healthcare.”

 “Nursing has become an integral part of health care,” Ilias continues. “We are the most trusted profession within the health care industry. I see nurses becoming major decision makers in health care reform, policy and procedures within medicine. I see nurses becoming providers in all health care settings.”

Ilias says he believes strongly in ICARE values. “I think the ICARE value that most aligns with my personal philosophy and approach to nursing is accountability,” he comments. “To me, accountability means always doing the right thing. As nurses, we are given a responsibility to care for others when they are at their weakest; others who look to us for guidance, who deserve to be told what is right. We have a responsibility and an obligation to the nursing profession.”

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