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Sharon Ceres, BSN, RN

Sharon Ceres, BSN, RN

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Head Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/McKinney

Positive patient outcomes are the high point of a more than 10-year nursing career for Sharon Ceres, especially patients who may previously have given up. “I always try to put others before myself,” she says of her approach to nursing.

“I remember a patient who arrived at my facility,” Ceres points out. “Her condition was so bad, we did not admit her but sent her back to the hospital…but the hospital sent her back to us because they could no longer do anything for her. She had given up mentally and physically. We nurses used to talk to her and encourage her daily along with all other care that we rendered. Then one day we came into the room and she was walking and she had a new will to live. She ended up being reunited with her children and she walked out of our facility a new person.”

“Several of the best moments in my career have been when I have had patients who had a poor prognosis or are told they will never walk again,” she continues. “As a result of the care that they received from the nurses, certified nursing assistants, doctors and physical therapists, their health was restored and they ended up walking out of the facility and going home. It is a great joy to know that you were part of their healing process.”

Ceres has been with NYC Health + Hospitals for two years, currently working as a Head Nurse at NYC Health + Hospitals/McKinney. She says she was inspired to pursue a nursing career by her family. “One day I went to an OB/ GYN appointment with my sister, and when the nurse greeted her, she looked so happy,” Ceres notes. “I told my sister that this was what I wanted to do. I wanted the experience of waking up every morning, excited to be at work, and happy in my career.”

Ceres says she is continually striving to elevate both her own skills and the nursing profession. “Excellence is the ICARE value I would choose as most important,” she asserts. “I am not perfect, but as I continually strive for excellence, I incorporate the rest of the ICARE values: Integrity in all that I do; Compassion not only for my patients but also my staff and colleagues; Accountability for what I do, as well as teaching others to be accountable for what they are responsible for; and Respect to everyone I interact with, whether they are patients, colleagues or family. I do all of these things because as a nurse and a person, ‘I care.’”            

Looking to the future, Ceres says she sees education and professional development growing in importance. “No matter how successful I am, I try to remain humble; I have a teachable spirit, which allows me to continue to learn from others,” she remarks. “Once I gain the knowledge, I share it with all those willing to receive it.”

“I hope to see the nursing profession grow with an increasing number of nurses who choose the profession for the changes they can make in people’s lives,” she continues. “I think it will continually be important for nurses to increase their level of education and to incorporate evidence-based practice. As I continue to grow in my career I hope to continue my own education and to better be able use EBP in my own career in order to contribute to this profession.”

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