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Salamatu Abass, RN

Salamatu Abass, RN

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Head Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Community Care

Nursing and being an advocate for the patient are two things that go hand in hand for Salamatu Abass, who has been a nurse for 16 years. “It is important to set a goal and follow through with it,” she declares.

Abass was inspired to become a nurse by her family. “At a very young age, I helped my mother taking care of my sick grandmother,” she recalls. “Looking back at the devotion she showed, and the care she displayed, I knew I was destined to be a nurse – I am compassionate, caring, nurturing, full of empathy, very attentive to detail and I have great communication skills as well as being a great advocate.”

Abass has been working with NYC Health + Hospitals/Community Care for two years, currently serving as Head Nurse. She says working with patients in their homes is the most rewarding part of her career. “When I walk into a first-time post-partum mom’s home, I often see fear and anxiety because the patient may not be sure of how to take care of their newborn baby,” she explains. “After educating them on what to do and how to take care of their newborn, they are ready to be discharged. The smiles on their faces, their newfound confidence and competency, and the ease that they portray all makes me feel fulfilled and accomplished as a nurse.”

Nominators praise Abass for engaging with patients “to ensure our babies receive the best care. She works well with the social work department, making referrals on all high risk patients and other difficult cases to make sure parents receive all needed resources.”

“Ms. Abass is an effective, caring nurse who services our patients with professionalism and caring,” comments one nominator. “She follows through on all their needs and consistently works with the team to get needed services in place.”

NYC Health + Hospitals ICARE values are integral to her approach to the nursing profession, Abass relates. “Integrity and compassion are aligned to my nursing philosophy,” she says. “As a nurse with integrity, I provide ethical care, give honest information to my patients and families, and document appropriately.”

“I also apply compassion in nursing because it helps make patients feel secure and gives them the assurance they need,” she continues. “Patients who are handled with compassion are likely to recover quickly because of the quality of care that they are being provided. While people may need medicine and other medical procedures to be cured, compassion makes the process much more bearable. Compassion makes it easier for a nurse to care for their patient while gaining trust.”

Abass believes that community-based health care will become increasingly important. “In my opinion, the future of the nursing profession is shifting towards innovative community care and primary care settings,” she explains. “My expectation is to educate myself and the patients to adapt to the changes that the nursing profession will have for the future.”

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