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Joyce Dukes, BSN, RN

Joyce Dukes, BSN, RN

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Staff Nurse, Behavioral Health
NYC Health + Hospitals/North Central Bronx

Joyce Dukes is named after her grandmother and shares more with her than just a name: she shares a calling for the nursing profession.

“My grandmother inspired me to become a nurse,” she recalls. “As a child I watched my grandmother care for patients in their homes as a home health aide, and I wanted to be like her.”

“I love to educate my patients and their families,” she continues. “I feel good knowing my patients are equipped with the knowledge and understanding needed to continue caring for themselves after discharge. Watching the progression of my patients from admission to discharge is always wonderful.”

Dukes worked as a licensed practical nurse for seven years, and has been a registered nurse for nine years. She has been with NYC Health + Hospitals for four years, currently serving as a Staff Nurse in the Behavioral Health unit at North Central Bronx. “I am amazed and most proud of my own personal growth starting as a novice nurse to become a proficient nurse, providing excellent care to my patients,” she remarks. “Being confident in my clinical judgment and decision-making skills is very important to me.”

“I consider myself to be a very caring and empathetic individual and nurse,” she adds. “I address my patients’ wants and needs using critical thinking, problem solving and great communication skills. I am also a team player when it comes to my fellow coworkers.”

Nominators commend Dukes for her mentorship and nursing knowledge, pointing out, “Joyce Dukes is an honest, caring and exemplary RN. She does all possible to meet the needs of the patients. Ms. Dukes understands the needs of the unit and the need to provide quality care.”

Another nominator notes, “Ms. Dukes listens, engages in therapeutic communication with the patients where she is able to reach them, and provides effective de-escalation support. She is especially resourceful with patients who are intellectually disabled and special needs individuals.”                  

For herself, Dukes says she prizes integrity and compassion the most highly of all NYC Health + Hospitals ICARE values. “I do right by others by treating them the way I wish to be treated,” she explains. “I stand up for my patients and coworkers and advocate for what is right.”

“As a nurse working in the psychiatric emergency room, I am in the front lines,” she continues. “I am one of the first staff members that patients encounter upon their hospital stay. I am kind and supportive; I listen to the concerns of my patients and their families and go above and beyond to help them.”

Dukes says she sees the nursing profession continuing to progress. “The advancement of technology in the nursing field has been a great accomplishment, making healthcare more accessible and convenient for patients in our community,” she remarks. “Following guidelines for evidence-based practices assists nurses in providing up-to-date care and education. Nursing has come a long way and I am proud to be a nurse.”

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