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Hyewon Shin, BSN, RN

Hyewon Shin, BSN, RN

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Staff Nurse, Ambulatory Surgery
NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan

Growing up in Korea and watching her parents care for her grandfather inspired Hyewon Shin to pursue a nursing career.

“Having grown up watching my parents prioritize my grandfather’s life over theirs prompted me to take action,” she recollects. “I actively observed the details in the way my parents cared for my grandfather, whose leg had been amputated as a result of diabetes. I saw the way my mom helped him down the stairs every day, his arms wrapped around her shoulders, holding on for dear life. I watched my father piggyback him from the front door to the car for his weekly doctor’s appointment. It was then, during my childhood in Korea that I first envisioned myself in a white coat, tending to others.”

Shin became an international student, which she credits with helping her develop independence, decision-making skills and leadership abilities. “As an international student overseas, I spent my adolescence living alone,” she points out. “I had to become independent, not only in my household routine but also in my daily decision-making. I believe this part of my life helped develop some of my strongest characteristics today: my independence speaks to the way I proactively seek solutions to issues. I accept the results of my actions and am not afraid to assume a role of responsibility when I feel a situation can be handled better.”

Nominators credit Shin with being a team player and a leader, noting, “Hyewon understands what is it like to be a new nurse straight out of nursing school; she has precepted many nurses and support staff and demonstrates all the great assets of a preceptor.”

Another nominator points out, “Hyewon Shin does not believe in ‘my patient’ or ‘your patient,’ she always uses the term ‘our patient.’ She always jumps in to help her colleagues.”

“Hyewon Shin provides excellent customer service to patients and family members on a daily basis,” states another nominator. “She completes frequent rounding on pre-and post-op patients, ensuring they are safe and comfortable.”

Shin has been a nurse for 10 years, eight of them with NYC Health + Hospitals, where she currently serves as a Staff Nurse in the Ambulatory Surgery unit at NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan. “One of the things that makes me proud to be a nurse is when I receive positive feedback from my patients who have recovered after their treatment or procedure, she says. “Respect guides me in my practice to provide holistic and quality nursing care. It helps create a healthy environment where patients feel personally cared for and where members of the care team are engaged, collaborative and dedicated to care.”

“I see the nursing future having a great outlook,” Shin adds. “I think it is a noble profession that cannot be replaced with technology or robots, as they cannot provide the compassion and caring from other humans.”

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