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Edith Santa, RN

Edith Santa, RN

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Jr. Public Health Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health, Belvis

Public health nursing has been a true calling since childhood for Edith Santa, who has spent 28 years in her chosen profession.

“Since I was in eighth grade, I have always loved to take care of people and volunteer to take care of my elder family members,” she recalls. “My family members always supported me to pursue a career in nursing; I always felt that I made a difference in their lives.”

Currently serving as a Staff Nurse at NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health, Belvis, Santa puts the needs of her patients first. “I make my patients my top priority by applying nursing care in a safe, compassionate and respectful manner,” she explains. “I try to explore all resources that are available to help patients.”

As an example, Santa points to patients who may not be able to afford car fare. “I try to see if a referral is obtainable, and try to schedule the visit on the same day,” she says. “I try my best to obtain all of their services with physician support.

“When your patient gets very ill, depressed or has a chronic condition, I help to provide them guidance and support in order to manage their individual situation,” she continues. “We use all the resources we can to help our patients. When they come to the clinic and thank me, it shows that we are doing well; that is enough to make my day.”

Santa also takes into consideration the continuum of care, noting that she often works with obstetricians on prenatal care for patients. “Once they give birth, I become their baby pediatric nurse.”

Santa says she respects all of the ICARE values, but feels that compassion is the one that is most important in her work. “Being a nurse is not just a job, it is a career that we learn; we grow to become valuable, compassionate nurses,” she comments. “I will always try to help the new nurses coming on board and guide them to become compassionate and respectable nurses. I believe in sharing the knowledge and experience that I had to learn throughout my career in order to become a nurse I am today.”

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