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Yi-Hsiang Hsiao, RN

Yi-Hsiang Hsiao, RN

Staff Nurse, Adult Medicine
NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health, Gouverneur
5 years of service

“Always remember why you went into this profession – to make a difference in someone’s life.”

As the lead nurse at the Gouverneur Pride Center in lower Manhattan, Yi-Hsiang Hsiao is committed to providing gender-affirming and culturally-competent care.

“It is important for current and future nurses to know the societal inequities and health disparities in our modern-day world,” Hsiao remarks. “We must be trained for roles in diverse settings.”

“As health care professionals, it is our duty to approach individuals with the utmost sensitivity,” Hsiao continues. “We must become aware of one’s own thought processes regarding stereotypes to avoid disrespecting, dehumanizing, or defaming a group of individuals. We must also view a person holistically and treat everyone with fairness, dignity, and respect. I want my patients to leave feeling that I’ve heard all of their concerns and that I’ve succeeded in making sure that their needs are met.”

Growing up as a first-generation immigrant, Hsiao says it was difficult for his family to find affordable healthcare due to lack of insurance. However, they received the care they needed from NYC Health + Hospitals.

“It was so reassuring to not be judged by our financial status and to be respected as human beings. The public health system mission statement, ‘to deliver high quality health services with compassion, dignity, and respect to all, regardless of income, gender identity, or immigration status,’ aligns with my own values and beliefs. This was my inspiration to become a nurse and is currently my own motto to live by as a health care professional.”

Hsiao credits his colleagues at Gouverneur for helping her become a better nurse.

“Our wonderful nurses, PCAs, PHAs, and providers have taught me the meaning of teamwork and have given me so many words of encouragement. They are the superstars that make every single day so special.”

“As nurses, we must never stop asking questions and always be curious,” Hsiao states. “We need to speak up for ourselves and advocate for what is best for our patients. We should also be open minded, always listen, and trust our gut. And don’t be afraid to take on new challenges: embrace those who think, act, and speak differently, for you will learn something new.”

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