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Tina Hackman, RN, BSN

Tina Hackman, RN, BSN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Carter
12 years of service

“I deeply care about my job and my patients, and the fact that I am being appreciated for it makes me want to work even harder.”

Patients and families come first for Tina Hackman.

“I love to care for and help those in need,” Hackman says. “What I find most inspiring about nurses is their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the patient. I feel this is important, because everyone gets sick, but it takes a caring person to nurse them back to health. I love being a nurse.”

Hackman initially started her career as a certified nurse assistant, and then moved on to become a licensed practical nurse. She became a registered nurse in 2014, and then earned her bachelor’s degree in 2017 from Grand Canyon University.

“I try to improve in what I am doing every day, to educate myself or acquire advanced technology skills and learn more,” she notes. “I see the nursing profession improving their technology and protocols in the future. As with any other field in the medical industry, things change, but I hope everything that changes, changes for the better. I hope we continue doing more than what we are doing today, to improve more upon our current state.”

“I care for my patients, have empathy, pay attention to details, advocate for them, and have a sense of humor,” she comments. “I try to ensure that everyone is healthy. Because I love nursing, I don’t see it as challenge; it is all part of caring for my patients and delivering quality, so that the patients are better than when they came in.

“The staff at NYC Health + Hospitals and all the people I work with have developed wonderful teamwork,” Hackman continues. “I hope that the families understand and take away from the experience that we are giving our very best.”

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