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Jawwad Butt, RN

Jawwad Butt, RN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/Coney Island
7 years of service

“Patient-centered care and having them actively participating in their own care is very important.”

Jawwad Butt sees nursing as a way to give back to the community.
“My family emigrated here from Pakistan in the early 1980s and worked hard in order to provide opportunities for me and my siblings,” he says. “Helping others in need and providing a service in which I may directly influence someone’s experiences in good or bad situations is what drives me.
“Being part of something bigger than myself has always been more important to me when it comes to community, family, friends and work. Having the opportunity to be part of someone’s well-being is a reward itself. It is what makes me work better and harder at everything I do.”
Butt believes that one of the most important values in nursing is compassion, due to seeing his father battle cancer. “My personal experience with someone who I considered the closest to myself made me more compassionate,” he says. “I’ve seen how illness can affect not only the patient suffering but also the loved ones.

“I think it is important that all health care workers understand the importance of having a lot of patience, compassion and empathy towards others.”

Butt says he is extremely proud to be part of NYC Health + Hospitals/Coney Island’s Cardiology Catheterization Lab and is honored by the nurses who provided care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We should all be proud of the sweat, blood and tears we put in helping and serving our communities,” he says. “Those we lost will always be missed; working beside them was an honor.”

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