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Jasmine Samuel, RN, MSN

Jasmine Samuel, RN, MSN

Head Nurse, Inpatient Psychiatry
NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens
29 years of service

“Resilience as a nurse is very important because we need to ensure our patients get the best care, regardless of the unexpected events that can occur throughout the day.”

When treating psychiatric patients, Jasmine Samuel knows that patients often feel anxious about getting care.
“The best moments in my nursing career are when I see my patients begin to show improvement after coming to the hospital with feelings of concern and fear of hospitalization,” she says. “There is satisfaction in knowing that I have taken part in their care that leads to a positive outcome.”

As head nurse of the Inpatient Psychiatry Unit, she listens closely to her patients and alleviates their discomfort.

“I want my patients to know that we, as nurses, are here to help them feel as comfortable as possible and as taken care of as possible. I pursued nursing because I wanted to have a career dedicated to caring for people. I felt that it was important to help those who could not help themselves and share my knowledge and skills with the community.”

Samuel began her nursing career in India and then moved to the U.S. Her goals as a nurse leader include improving morale and helping staff members access more education.

“My aim is to give support to all my staff and encourage them to achieve more in their nursing career,” she says. “Part of being a great nurse is having continuous resilience – no matter the crisis. Working in an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit can be quite a challenge in dealing with both physical and mental changes, particularly during the pandemic. I try my best to be resilient through these tough times and display a positive attitude that is necessary to be a role model for my staff.”

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