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Fredrick Okunade Adeyemi, RN

Fredrick Okunade Adeyemi, RN

Staff Nurse
NYC Health + Hospitals/McKinney
3 years of service

“Nursing has been the channel for me to give back to the community.”

While attending nursing school, Frederick Okunade Adeyemi learned the great benefit of caring for patients at bedside in the Medical Intensive Care Unit.

“I was determined to make the most out of nursing and saw this bedside experience as a catalyst in achieving a lengthy list of my goals,” says Adeyemi, a native of Nigeria. “A lot of people do not know the benefits of working at the bedside. We get the opportunity of knowing our patients better and providing treatment beyond medical issues.”

That experience proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic, he recalls, consoling residents who were vulnerable and scared. Adeyemi says this experience humbled him as he struggled with emotional grief.

“It’s so emotional to see people dying and families losing their loved ones in the hands of the deathly disease,” he says. “I believe it is God’s calling to play a role in others’ lives. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction; being able to help someone else adds meaning to a person’s life. Whenever I see those patients from our recovery, it makes me happy and more satisfied.”

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