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Nabiha Minhas, RN-BC, BSN

Nabiha Minhas, RN-BC, BSN
Staff Nurse, Medical-Surgical and Stroke Unit
NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County

Since joining the staff of NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County four years ago, Nabiha Minhas has established herself as a knowledgeable, caring and patient nurse who is a natural leader and teacher.

“Nabiha is one of our go-to preceptors,” says a veteran staff member. “She gravitates to new orientees because she remembers what it was like as a new graduate and how crucial a well-rounded preceptor experience was for her in becoming the best nurse that she is today. She takes the time to get to know them, even following up on her personal time, and she’s one of the few nurses who comes up with ways to streamline the process and make changes based on the unique individual needs of each preceptee.”

Minhas knew from an early age that nursing was the career for her. “I have always found gratification in seeing other people happy,” she says. “If I can influence that, especially when someone is in a state of vulnerability, I feel a sense of profound accomplishment.” She’s inspired by the dedication of her colleagues: “Our workforce is highly reflective of the community we serve, and seeing how much good we nurses do, in spite of the limited resources we have, makes me more empathetic, innovative and mindful. It pushes me to advocate more strongly for my patients.”

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