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Jude Coye, RN

Jude Coye, RN
Staff Nurse, Emergency/Radiology
NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan

For Jude Coye, every shift he works at NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan is an opportunity to help his patients overcome the power their illnesses have over them.

“To see the journey each patient takes from the moment of their diagnosis to the moment when they take control of their illness so that it doesn’t define them, that’s what motivates me every day,” he says. “Knowing that I’m somehow part of that, what could be better?”

Coye was born in Queens, grew up in California and served in the U.S. Army as an EMT before returning to school for his nursing degree at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn. He’s worked for NYC Health + Hospitals since his graduation in 2006 – first at Woodhull and the past seven at Metropolitan, where he splits his time between the emergency and interventional radiology departments.

Coye was inspired to become a nurse by an aunt in the profession who told him, “Taking care of someone else fills a part of you that never empties. It makes you a better person.” Coye, in turn, says that one of his proudest moments came when a college student told him that after seeing the care he gave her grandmother, she was changing her major to nursing.

“Compassion drives all values in my opinion,” Coye says, adding, “When you’re passionate about what you do and know why you’re doing it, the other values just become a part of who you are.”

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