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Women’s Health

Here’s Why Women Choose to Have Their Baby at NYC Health + Hospitals

Here’s Why Women Choose to Have Their Baby at NYC Health + Hospitals

Choosing the best hospital to deliver your baby is an important decision for every woman and her family. At NYC Health + Hospitals, we provide the highest quality, compassionate and culturally responsive care you expect – from pregnancy through delivery. Here are the top reasons why thousands of women in NYC choose to have their baby at one of our 11 hospitals across the city:

  • Expert healthcare staff. Our teams of experienced and caring physicians, nurses, and midwives provide the highest level of expert, personalized care throughout your pregnancy. Clinical specialists are also available to perform testing and care for high risk pregnancies.
  • Many services, one place. We offer all needed services in one setting, including prenatal care, ultrasound, and postpartum care.
  • Flexible hours. We provide flexible hours and always ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed during your visits.
  • Care in your language. We have a culturally diverse staff and interpreter services that are available in more than 120 languages, so you can be assured that we can communicate with you in your language.
  • A family-centered approach. We offer “rooming in” so that you do not have to be separated from your baby following delivery.
  • Breastfeeding support. We provide lactation specialists so you can feed your baby the very best – your breast milk. We also support “skin to skin” bonding for mother and baby right after delivery.
  • Family planning after delivery. Following delivery, we provide you with options regarding birth control for the best spacing between your children.
  • Safe sleep for infants. We teach you the ABC’s of safe sleep so that you can ensure your baby’s safety during sleep.
  • Emotional health resources. Your emotional health is just as important as your physical health. We provide any support you may need and can connect you to useful resources in your community.
  • Caring pediatricians. Our network of hospitals and community health centers makes it easy to find top pediatricians in your neighborhood, who can manage your baby’s health into their teen years and beyond.

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