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Raksha Tripathi

Executive Leadership

Raksha Tripathi

Chief Financial Officer

Raksha Tripathi brings more than twelve years of experience in healthcare, including senior-level positions in multi-site Federally Qualified Health Centers to her role as Gotham Health’s Chief Financial Officer. Her key areas of expertise include strategic planning, quality improvement, financial planning, contract management and budget.

Most recently, Raksha worked as the Chief Financial Officer at Greater Philadelphia Health Action (GPHA), where she provided the Board of Directors and senior leadership with guidance in developing strategies, goals, plans and policies that enabled them to make progress towards accomplishing the organization’s short/long term financial objectives and mission.

Prior to working at GPHA, Raksha worked as the Chief Financial Officer at Southside United Health where she played a pivotal role in their expansion. Southside United Health attained significant financial improvement through successful revenue enhancement and cost reduction initiatives during her tenure. Raksha also worked at Lone Star Circle of Health and has been a Director at Youfirst Healthcare Solutions.

Raksha received her Master of Healthcare Administration from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Master of Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Planning and Management.

Raksha plays a key role as a member Gotham Health’s Executive team to further improve care and services and to create a more patient-centered and efficient organization. She also collaborates with clinical teams to generate baselines for value-based reimbursement, including efforts to develop best practices for chart notes to optimize coding. These efforts are vital to increasing payer collection and enhancing fiscal sustainability for the enterprise.

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